Fake honey is also a treasure by many people, soaking every day

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the rapid development of material civilization, it is no longer a time when it is only required to eat and warm.

Now everyone has very high requirements for all aspects, especially food and honey, which is the best product for the vast number of people.But there are many criminals.

Seeing the profits of honey are charged with very cheap fake honey.

Add alum to fake honey to coloring. The substance of alum is a kind of aluminum sulfate potassium, which contains a large amount of aluminum ions, which has a great impact on our body, and often use it can cause osteoporosis, anemia, etc.

Honey is not allowed to add anything inside in our law.

You have to do it, so he said that he is much dirty than the groove oil, but many people like to drink very much, and the home is buying a box.

Therefore, this kind of fake honey is in short supply in the market.

Today I am talking about fake honey. Everyone knows that honey is a good thing, beauty and beauty, prevent constipation, and the function of coughing.

It is still a great seasoning. When eating, add some taste. For example, add some honey when you soake it. Do n’t be too delicious. When eating bread, adding a little can improve the taste.

And its price will not be very high, basically you can buy a large can for you to eat Haidilao.However, there will still be many counterfeit products in the market to win consumers at a lower price.

Nowadays, there are many black -hearted merchants who make fake honey. Fake honey is harmful to the human body, but in order to make money, they are annihilating and do everything.For example, inferior honey, adulteration and water.

Use a variety of sweetin, pigments, food additives, thickeners, sweeteners, preservatives and flavors.

Other use of various additives, including many heavy metal elements, intake of too much heavy metals will cause damage to the human liver and kidney.

Other fake honey uses a series of cheap and non -nutritious things such as sugar paddles, starch, pigment, water, sweetin, and other cheap and nutritious things. If you eat it for a long time, you can get fat.

do you know?Like peach blossoms, grapes, roses, honeysuckle, pear blossoms, etc. There are no honey.

Like some rare honey species, you should also buy it carefully. It is recommended to buy ordinary honey and common honey species, such as rapeseed honey, locust honey, lychee honey, etc.

Secondly, looking at the color, the color of the real honey is darker, and there are usually some impurities. These are pollen banded during the bee’s collection process.And those who look very bright, honey like oil may be false.

Furthermore, there will be foam after shaking, if there are few or not possible to be fake honey.There are also sampling and water static. There may be fake honey with precipitated, and real honey will dissolve.

The output of honey is not high. If you see those very cheap honey, you still need to buy it carefully. Do not be greedy for small and cheap.

Everyone should be careful when buying bee honey. Don’t spend some injustice to add to themselves. It was originally beautiful and beautiful. As a result, it became a fat tooth decay.

Honey contains a variety of minerals such as glucose, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin BS, vitamin C, vitamin D, etc., often drinking can play beauty and beauty, enhance immunity, delay aging and other effects.

And eating honey at different seasons is also different. Let me introduce it to you today, how much the benefits of drinking honey in spring.

As the temperature increases, the blood supply increases, and the oxygen supply of the brain has decreased accordingly, and many people have begun to be sleepy. This is also the old saying that the spring is sleepy.

Drinking some honey water is a short time supplementing human energy. It can eliminate human fatigue and hunger, can make people feel energetic, energetic, and improve memory.

In addition to this, honey can also promote bowel movements. Regardless of whether men, women, and children, they should drink some honey water in spring.

When it comes to honey, you face a problem, how to distinguish between true and false, choose true honey, and with the development of the economy, there are more types of honey. Whenever there is no supermarket, you face the honey of a shelf.What do you want to choose?

I studied it for this and asked the bee farmers who specialized beekeeping. Only then did I know that honey was also said.

I will share my 4 tricks with the old bee farmers today.

When you buy honey, the first thing to pay attention to is the color of the honey, which will be divided into a certain level according to the color.

First -class honey is white, light amber, white water, second -class honey is yellowish, amber is more positive, third -class honey is all yellow, amber is deep, and the fourth -class honey is dark amber color. The color is dark brownMainly.

In addition to the color of honey, there are also words on the outer packaging. You must also pay attention to the types of honey. Of course, not all flowers will produce honey, such as lotus, osmanthus and roses.If you buy these, then you must buy fake honey.

After that, it is to look at the viscosity of honey. Good honey and real honey viscosity will be relatively high, when you are shaking the bottle.

It will not produce how much shaking, or it is also possible to see a small bubble on the surface of the honey. This is all good honey. If you buy it in the supermarket, you must look at the ingredients table. You must choose a single one.Essence

After the brushes, I have to buy it at home, buy honey, or send it by others.

You can use this method to measure the authenticity. Use a spoon to pose a little to stretch it up. Good honey will pull out thin honey, and the honey is broken, and it will shrink into a spherical shape.

In addition to the third method, the last point is also very important, that is, the water content is measured, dripping a drop of honey on the paper towels, and then placed in the water.

Good honey water content is relatively low, and it is not easy to spread, but bad honey, or fake honey, will spread quickly and then dissolve in water.

Of course, in addition to testing the water content, you can also taste it. The pure honey is sweet and slightly sour, and the taste is soft and delicate.

The honey taste is light, the aftertaste is light and short, and there are storage conditions. The honey will crystallize at low temperature. If the honey you buy is not crystallized in the refrigerator, it must be fake honey.

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