Face swelling is almost life -threatening after removing wisdom teeth

Fuzhou Evening News Ms. Lin had no serious illness on weekdays. She never wanted to fall into danger because of her tooth extraction.Yesterday, the doctor of Fuzhou Second Hospital reminded: Do not ignore anti -infection care after extraction.

After removing wisdom teeth, a painful woman suffers from brain stem and encephalitis

Ms. Lin was 43 years old and was hospitalized for more than a month. She was just discharged.When she recalls the disease, she is still worried.

More than two months ago, a wisdom teeth made Ms. Lin unbearable.She went to a dental clinic to remove the wisdom teeth.After the tooth extraction, the doctor explained that she had antibiotic anti -inflammatory, but she rely on her body and did not take medicine.The next day, her face was swollen, and she thought that the normal response didn’t take it to heart.After one week, the origin of one side of the side was not reduced, and the other side began to swell. It was accompanied by faint headaches and even affecting sleep.

But because the pain is not violent, Ms. Lin still does not pay attention.I never thought that after a dozen days, the headache was unbearable. At this time, she went to the hospital near home.The results of the CT CT examination indicated that no obvious abnormalities were seen, and the doctor prescribed some painkillers.After Ms. Lin took it, the headache relieved slightly.However, after another week, Ms. Lin had a situation where her eyes were limited, the vision became double, and the walking was unstable.With her family, she came to the neurology department of the Second Hospital of the Municipal Hospital with her family.

After the consultation, Chief Physician Cheng Yunfan attached great importance to the situation and immediately took the treatment of Ms. Lin.After she was hospitalized, her condition became heavier and heavier, with symptoms such as skewed corners, swallowing cough, difficulty eating, and weak limbs.Cheng Yunfan immediately organized a general doctor to discuss cases. Considering that Ms. Lin got encephalitis, she was severe, and her condition was severe. It would endanger the marrow of the life center at any time, causing danger of life.With the consent of her family members, Ms. Lin was transferred to the hospital’s neurological severe care unit for further diagnosis and treatment.

After more than 10 days after the treatment of the intensive care unit, Ms. Lin’s condition was controlled, and then transferred to the general ward to continue treatment.When transferring out, Ms. Lin’s bilateral eyeball activity was still limited. Fortunately, after about 1 month of follow -up rehabilitation and other treatment, the bilateral eyeball activity resumed well, and her life was basically not affected.

If you have any discomfort after you extraction, you should seek medical treatment in time

Why does a wisdom teeth develop into encephalitis?

According to Cheng Yunfan, encephalitis is immune -related diseases. Due to local infection and other factors, cranial nerve damage, hemiplegia, and conscious disorders will occur. Severe can accumulate respiratory and heartbeat and endanger life.

"If discomfort appears after extraction, you must seek medical treatment in time." Zeng Zhaoxuan, director of the dental department of the hospital, said that tooth extraction is a creative operation. There are hundreds of bacteria in the mouth. Most bacteria can be suppressed by the human body’s immune system, butA few bacteria flow in the body with the blood of the wound.Therefore, if the patient’s physical resistance decreases during the tooth extraction, the bacteria are likely to enter the ride of the tooth extraction and wounds, which may cause severe complications such as acute bacteria, sechomia, and endometritis, and may even endanger patients’ lives.There are also some removal teeth. Due to improper operation, fall into the lower mandibular gaps and pharyngeal gaps, etc. Because there is bacteria in the dental body that may cause gap infection, gap abscess, life -threatening.

Therefore, there is continuous pain after the tooth extraction, and it cannot be ignored.Pregnant women and patients with tumors, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, AIDS, and kidney disease are being accepted with chemotherapy. Before extraction, the doctor must be informed of the situation truthfully to avoid unnecessary danger.

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Author: Chen Dan

Source: Fuzhou Evening News

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