Eye vision drops suddenly?See if these 5 reasons

Eyes are the windows of the soul. I believe everyone wants to have a pair of bright eyes to see everything in the world.However, vision is affected by many factors. Sometimes, the vision of eyesight will suddenly occur. Especially the following reasons may cause the eye vision to decline suddenly. We must pay attention to the prevention.

What are the reasons for the sudden decline in eye vision?

1. Look at the electronic screen for a long time

There are more and more electronic products, mobile phones, computers, and televisions have become a necessity of life, and almost everyone watched every day.If you look at these electronic screens for a long time, the number of blinks is small, and it is easy to cause some discomfort in the eyes, such as sour eyes and tingling, and then it may cause decline in vision and see the symptoms of blurred things.

2. Wear contact lenses for a long time

Many people who are already myopia like they look more beautiful, they like to wear contact lenses for a long time.The time of contact lenses is relatively harmful to the eyes, because the use of contact lens lenses for a long time, and it is easy to accumulate dust and mucus. These substances will cause blurred vision, and the eyes are prone to dryness and inflammation.Therefore, it is not recommended to wear contact lenses for a long time, and you can wear frame glasses.

3, glaucoma

Clasting eye is a relatively common eye disease. In early symptoms of glaucoma, glaucoma is not particularly obvious. Many people ignore it and have not actively treated.After the development of glaucoma, the damage to the eyes will become larger and larger. Patients will easily decrease vision. It will be blurred and even serious.Therefore, patients with glaucoma need to pay attention to it, go to the ophthalmology hospital for examination in time, and treat them targeted.

4. Take some special drugs

If you take some special drugs or improper medication, it may affect the eyes that cause the eyes to cause the vision to fall suddenly. For example, the common is the use of antihypertensive drugs or some antidepressant drugs. These drugs will delay tear production. The eyes are not availableWith sufficient tears, you feel that your eyes are relatively dry, and you will blur when you look at things.The problem of visual decline caused by this drug can generally be relieved after stopping the drug.

5. Eye scratch

If the trauma causes patients with scratch corners of the eye, the eyes may have redness and swelling, the sensation in the eyes, and the vision will decrease. With this phenomenon, you should go to the ophthalmology hospital for examination in time.If a slight corner of the eyes can be healed after a few days. If it is serious, the antibiotic eye drops need to be used to avoid inflammation more and more serious.

In addition, women may have a sudden decline in vision during pregnancy. This is a relatively normal phenomenon, because women’s hormone levels in the body after pregnancy will change significantly, which may affect the eyes.As a result, the liquid behind the cornea changes.Generally, this phenomenon has a decrease in vision, which can be recovered by itself after delivery.

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