Exposure Li Xiaofeng’s pregnancy!Liu Kaiwei took him back to Hong Kong to see his parents, and wanted to send Xiao Nuomi away. Yang Mi shouted

After some hype, the relationship between Li Xiaofeng and Liu Kaiwei has been known to everyone.These two people can come together. Many people have never thought of, one is an excellent host and actor, and the other is a middle -aged fire singer. They have no intersection except for a similar emotional experience.

Exposure Li Xiaofeng’s pregnancy!

Since men’s unmarried women are not married, everyone has also sent their own blessings.After publishing their romance, they have no scruples. Whether they are airports or dating, they are sweet.I thought their feelings need to be maintained for a while to have the next step, but on January 8th, the media broke the news, which attracted the attention of netizens.

According to the news, Li Xiaofeng had given birth to a new life with Liu Kaiwei, that is, the woman was pregnant.But because it has not reached a state of unstable state, neither of them wants to make public.

Thinking about it, these two people have been living together for a long time. On the day when the official announcement, Liu Kaiwei was patted by Li Xiaofeng to appear downstairs in a community at the same time. Presumably, he must have lived together at this time.It has been two months until now. During this period, the two have been inseparable, and there are no schedules, and pregnancy is also expected.

Liu Kaiwei brought him back to Hong Kong to see his parents

Speaking of which, Liu Kaiwei still has no responsibility. Even if he is nearly half a year old, he still needs his father to speak for himself.However, after learning that his girlfriend was pregnant this time, he returned to Hong Kong to see his parents with Li Xiaofeng.

Liu Dan is naturally very satisfied with this new daughter -in -law, or his thoughts are not important.In his thoughts, as long as his son is happy, his feelings are not important.In the face of meeting with Li Xiaofeng, he is also looking forward to it.

Want to send Xiao Nuomi away, Yang Mi shouted

Sure enough, there must be monsters in abnormalities. According to the content of the news, Liu Kaiwei’s purpose of returning to Hong Kong this time is not simple. He is not just as simple as seeing his parents.The main purpose of going home this time is to send Xiao Nuomi away, or to give up custody and return it to Yang Mi.

I have to say that Liu Kaiwei is a pure love brain.Before he had no love, he publicly stated that he would be recognized by his daughter in love.But it turns out that Xiao Nuomi does not know what he is in love at all.Now that he does not obey his promise, he even wants to send it away, it is really a ruthless heart.

After all, the stepmother is not as good as her mother. After learning about this, Yang Mi shouted Liu Kaiwei, asking him to change his child back.Although the final custody right will return to the woman, she shouted so much that she turned passive.


Liu Kaiwei is like a child who hasn’t grown up. He was going to marry Yang Mi at first, but he was engaged in the "Night Light Script" in his marriage.After the divorce, he took the initiative to ask his daughter, but after handing it to the new girlfriend and even a new child, he wanted to give up the right to custody.

In any case, since Liu Kaiwei and Li Xiaofeng are already together, then I wish the two for a long time.I just hope that while happiness, they should not forget the children they gave birth to before. They are all innocent and need maternal love and father’s love.

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