Exposed men’s top stream and female fans to sleep and get pregnant. Find a lawyer to let the woman give birth. The child’s whereabouts become a mystery.

On March 16th, the well -known paparazzi "Zhang Xiaohan" in the entertainment industry reposted a friend of a friend, saying that friends are beautiful, and the comics are well drawn.Give up the prosecution male star.

Clicking on the "worm" breaking comic comics, the contents of it really stunned my eyes. It turned out that this was a manner about the private life of the top traffic male stars and his female fans in the circle.

This top traffic male star is a very popular big coffee. No matter where you go, there will be a lot of female fans who are pursuing him, and this male star chose a female fan a beautiful and very rich "rich two two.On behalf of the goal, he began to secretly associate with girls.

Male stars are young, and girls also worship male stars. The two of them have a relationship, and they soon have a relationship.

After thinking that the two people had intimate contact, their feelings would be more "close", but who knows that when the two were sleeping, they did not take safety measures. The man was irresponsible.The medicine of contraception caused the woman to get pregnant after the two of them passion!

If you change it to an ordinary person, your girlfriend can simply get married when you are pregnant.So the male star did not care for the female fans who were pregnant, but instead found his lawyer to deal with it.

It is impossible for a lawyer to help the two of them to raise children. What else can you do? You can only increase the carrots. While negotiating, he threatens that female fans can kill this child.

The female fans did not know about this at the beginning. They found that her daughter was pregnant before she was married, and her father’s father was very angry. She asked the female fans to kill the child and not give birth to a child to the male star.

This female fan thought she had met her true life son. Who knew that the same bed was so abandoned after the same bed, so she simply sued the male star to the court.

It is already in the court, and things are obviously unbearable. After all, there are no imperfect walls in the world. Some "big fans" about the male top flow also know this matter, and began to take off the fan disappointment and leave.

The male star is also very anxious. It is not afraid of the fans to leave, but that he is afraid that the trial will affect his money in the entertainment industry, so he starts to "deal with" female fans in various means.The prosecution of the male star, but the last two children’s whereabouts became a mystery, and no one knew that the female fan gave birth to it or killed it directly.

Netizens’ breaking news is here, but this story is that many people are stunned. We know that the stars in the entertainment industry are chaotic, but who can think of it is so chaotic.

A bright and beautiful top traffic male star in front of the screen does not wear "measures" with her female fans. After having children, she does not want to be responsible for raising children!This matter is very "scum", right?

This girl is also chasing the stars. Why don’t you know what kind of people are, and do not know if they have a relationship with the other party. EvenIsn’t it a disaster for female fans?I don’t understand what the stars and fans think today.

For the identity of this male star, paparazzi did not say directly, but there were fans in the comment area watching comics and felt a bit like actor Zhu Yilong.

Indeed, when looking at the first picture, there is quite a chic temperament when Zhu Yilong did not cut his hair, but I said it was not nice. There were many handsome guys in the entertainment industry, and there were many stars with this hairstyle. Pervical may deliberately deliberately deliberately deliberately.Draw like Zhu Yilong as a "smoke bomb".

Moreover, since it is a top -level traffic star, it must be a very famous existence. Zhu Yilong has successfully transformed in these years, basically farewell to traffic, and began to take a low -key actor’s route.

Some netizens said that it was the star on the "hot search". In the comment area of the Internet celebrity Li En, I turned it over. It seemed that some netizens broke the news that she was pregnant with Wang Yibo’s child and was threatened by Wang Yibo.

How do you say this? Wang Yibo has issued a rumor statement. I think that since the stars have issued a statement, this matter should be false. Otherwise, if Wang Yibo really makes female fans getting pregnant, how can the studio dare to issue a statement that the studio dares to issue a statement.Ah, the star statement is very valuable, and it is unlikely to lie.

At present, there is no answer that can be convinced, but no matter who this male star is, everyone should be cast aside. I can’t control my lower body itself.What do you do!

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