Explosion: Zhang Xinyu is pregnant?Too happy!Li Chen and Fan Bingbing: I don’t accept it!

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Li Chen discredited her for ten years, what did Zhang Xinyu do wrong?

Zhang Xinyu, formerly known as Zhang Yan.

Born in ordinary families,

The native Jiangsu girl.

She has grown very beautifully since she was a child,

But the bonus brought by beauty when I was young has not much concept

Instead, he loves painting creation and is determined to become a famous designer in China.

Including that you do n’t forget your original intention after growing up, he loves painting.

Everyone knows that art students want to use the art they have learned,

Seeking a way of living in social work,

It’s hard to climb the sky.

With more and more art in recent years, this road will be more difficult to go.

Similarly, Zhang Xinyu’s artistic ideal is full, but the reality has given her a good stick.

After graduating from a vocational college in an art, Zhang Xinyu

There is almost no job opportunity.

So she could only return to her hometown in Jiangsu,

Do the front desk at a small company.

A person who is chased by heaven, where can you be bad in life?

Once, when chatting with a friend, her friend suddenly stared at her face and asked her.

"You are so beautiful, why don’t you try the model?"

He does not mean that.

She is only twenty -two years old. She is extremely excited,

Since then, she has become famous from "wild model".

Zhang Xinyu is also a willing girl,

With a specific plan in my heart, I will immediately put it in action.

So she left her hometown,

Go there without hesitation,

All young people want to realize their dreams here -the capital of China: Beijing.

Zhang Xinyu, who had just arrived in Beijing, was shocked by the development of big cities.

But she could only grieve in the basement in her pocket.

Fortunately, God did not live up to her efforts,

In the first year when I came to Beijing,

Zhang Xinyu got the opportunity to advertise for the World Cup football baby.

This is the first film and television work in her life.

And with her pure face with collagen naturally,

Harvesting countless otakus’s love for her.

Since then, she accidentally hit the door of the entertainment industry.

After that, she was fortunate to shoot the TV series "Youth 2" with her popularity.

The response is mediocre after broadcast,

What is blessed by disaster is,

I harvested some audiences who love her.

At this moment, a large hairdressing institution saw Zhang Xinyu,

I hope she can appear in the heroine of the still movie "Chibi Tongquetai".

In the play, she rely on the role of "Xiao Qiao",

Fully show her charming and sexy.

This made Zhang Xinyu gradually find the traffic password,

Take this opportunity to become the first batch of Internet celebrities for the first network.

After small achievements,

She was stared at by Wu Zhuozhen Wu Zhuozhen.

Seng lost his horse and knew that he was not blessed.

Patched by paparazzi and the media, she had a total of forty -four hours at the man’s house.

Although the two have been hammered, the two are in love,

But Wu Zhuozhen, who was born with sex, has never admitted her existence.

And Zhang Xinyu, who has always been strong and strong,

Facing her boyfriend’s eyes, she didn’t sit still.

At the end of 2001,

Zhang Xinyu thought of a way.

She logged in to Wu Zhuoyi’s online private account,

Publish a sexy selfie lying on the bed.

And the text: "I’m tired, I just want to sleep" and then released it.

This incident made Wu Zhuozhen very unable to come to Taiwan,

And also cut off the opposite sex for a long time in the future.

Even if he reluctantly, because of the face of both sides,

The principle of "raw rice has been cooked with mature rice".

She is shameless, and she doesn’t matter, she doesn’t matter,

Not long after, he acknowledged his love with Zhang Xinyu.

She thought she would receive the blessings and understanding of fans on both sides,

However, the men’s fans have no bottom line.

At this moment, someone exposed one of the chaos,

She has a "intimate photo" with strange men.

Zhang Xinyu has always maintained the attitude of "not admitting",

He claims that "I am used by people, and I am the victim."

Netizens’s keyboards have always been listening to the wind and rain,

No matter what the truth of the matter is.

Therefore, her scandal and rumors are more and more,

For up to five years,

She has been inherited from the evil words of netizens.

In 2002, after she left Wu Zhuozhen, she left Wu Zhuozhen,

I met Li Chen, "I’m not a slag, I just want to give all the girls".

The two met the TV series "Follow of Love",

During the shooting period, although Zhang Xinyu had a good opinion of Li Chen, Li Chen,

But I did not come out of the past love at the time.

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