Experts teach you to distinguish. Women are infertility for two years. After inspection is invalid, it is related to scars on her body.

In recent years, it has been visible to infertility diseases. For women infertility, fallopian tubes, polycystic ovary, premature ovarian failure, etc., a series of nouns have continued to appear in people’s lives, giving countless families to countless families, and give countless families.Bring countless troubles and troubles.Today, in the field of female infertility, let’s understand a new term together: uterine diverticulum.

Maybe everyone is not very familiar with the uterine diverticulum. In fact, it is also one of the diseases in female infertility.The uterine diverticulum generally refers to after various uterine surgery, due to poor healing of endometrium and muscle layer, a diverticulum lesion that can communicate with the uterine cavity in the uterine surgery area can be communicated with the uterine cavity. It is also a cesarean section.One of the common complications after surgery can cause patients with abnormal vaginal bleeding, chronic pelvic pain, secondary infertility, etc., and even causing diverticulum pregnancy, which seriously affects women’s health.

Infertility examination after marriage is invalid!

A patient Ms. Tian found me two days ago and said that she was infertile two years after her marriage. After understanding, she found that Ms. Tian had suffered an uterine disease once before marriage.The surgical scar on the body was rejoiced, so the reason for your infertility after marriage may be related to your scar. Then I took her for inspection.The uterine diverticulum caused by poor healing.

It is understood that Ms. Tian is 27 years old and has been married to her husband for more than two years. She has a very good relationship with each other. Therefore, her life has always been very happy. However, the only disadvantage is that Ms. Tian has never been pregnant.After half a year of marriage, Ms. Tian started to seek medical treatment because of infertility. However, after several inspections, she did not find that Ms. Tian had infertility diseases. Therefore, Ms. Tian couples began to take some pregnancy -assisted drugs for pregnancy.

In this way, it has passed more than a year in the blink of an eye. Ms. Tian’s belly still has no movement, so the couple of Ms. Tian began to find some Chinese medicine for conditioning. After a period of conditioning, Ms. Tian was still not pregnant.Ms. Tian ’s husband and wife were surprised. Later, she once again gathered in her classmate Ms. Zhongtian heard that her classmate was also infertile for many years. Later, she was pregnant smoothly under my condition. So Ms. Tian quickly learned about my medical information about my classmates.

It turned out to be related to surgical scars!

After understanding, Ms. Tian also had a strong sense of trust in me. Ms. Temoda came to find me with my husband. After I knew their situation, I was also curious, so I learned from her about some of them.In the past few years, Ms. Tian said that she suffered from uterine diseases before marriage, and then healed after surgery. So I looked at Ms. Tian’s postoperative scars, and then took her to conduct a corresponding examination again.It was found that Ms. Tian had a uterine diverticulum, which was caused by that uterine surgery did not heal well.

Regarding Ms. Tian’s uterine diverticulum, I analyzed it based on Ms. Tian’s condition, treated it with hysteroscopy combined with surgery, and used traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation to condition her physical fitness, and reminded Ms. Tian to pay attention to diet and individuals.Hygiene and other issues, after two months of conditioning Ms. Tian, successfully became pregnant.

Now Ms. Tian has been pregnant for more than five months. After inspection, she found that the fetus was very healthy. In the end, I wish Ms. Tian a happy life and their baby grow up healthy.I would like to remind female compatriots: When experiencing various uterine surgery, we must pay attention to recovery, maintain personal hygiene and good eating habits, and recuperate scientifically and reasonably. When encountering adverse reactions, we must seek medical treatment immediately to avoid adverse effects.

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