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Children are the crystallization of love, so most young couples start to prepare for birth baby after marriage.However, some couples found that after a long time of hard work, there was no effect, and her stomach was not moved.So why can’t I be pregnant?Is there any fertility problem?This article will introduce how to judge whether there are fertility problems and which factors will affect the couple’s fertility.

If you are less than 35 years old, you have tried less than 6 months of pregnancy, or more than 35 years old, but you have less than 1 year of pregnancy, as long as your physiological cycle is normal, you don’t need to worry about your fertility.At this time, you mainly make sure that you have made the greatest efforts to increase your chances of pregnancy, recognize the importance of the opportunity, figure out your ovulation cycle, and follow up to check your basic body mild and cervical mucus.

But if you have not reached the age of 35, the sexual life without protective measures has been more than 6 months or more than 35 years old. Sexual life without protective measures for more than 1 year, but still not pregnant, then this means you or you or youThe partner may have fertility.

Studies have shown that more than 11%of couples in the United States have fertility.If you are one of them, don’t panic, this does not mean that you cannot have children.Some couples do not need to be treated through their own efforts, and they can also defeat their children.

Only doctors can confirm the fertility ability. If the following conditions are suitable for you or your partner, then seek medical treatment as soon as possible.Doctors generally recommend that you change some behavior habits or do inspections.

· The reason why women infertility

People with endometriosis, uterine smooth fibroids, polycystic ovary syndrome, and pelvic inflammatory disease history will be affected.In addition, sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia infections and gonorrhea have been experienced; fallopian tubes are obstructed due to infection, ectopic pregnancy, and past surgery; pelvic cavity or abdominal surgery;People with chronic diseases will also be affected.

In addition, if you are 35 years old or larger, have the habit of smoking, too light or too heavy, habitually intake more than 2 cups of alcoholic drinks or 300 mg of caffeine, then you are likely to have fertilityquestion.

Even if you have never been diagnosed with specific fertility problems, the above behavior may cause you to have fertility problems.If you have pelvic disease or irregular menstruation, pain, large quantity, and long time, you must inform your doctor.In addition, if you notice that your hair is too much, severe acne, and excessive body hair, then communicate with your doctor in time.

· The reason for male infertility

Testeous injury, cyst or cancer; testicular sperm ingots; childbirth in children; genetic problems such as chromosomal abnormalities or lack of Y chromosomes; endocrine disorders; infection with mump virus in mumps after puberty.

Take drugs that treat arthritis, hypertension, depression, cancer, digestive disorders; smoking tobacco, marijuana or other illegal drugs; alternative to synthetic metabolic steroids or testicular hormones; alcoholism; often washing sauna; often in environmental pollution or chemical chemistry;In the environment; long -distance cycling, etc., may affect men’s fertility.

Go to the doctor now.No matter how long you try to get pregnant, don’t worry too much.Doctors will answer some of your doubts. If necessary, you can go to the expert outpatient clinic for thorough treatment.

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