Everyone shouted on the Internet not to have a second child, don’t have a second child, I found that there are second -child everywhere

Everyone on the Internet shouts not to have a second child, not to have a second child.In real life, I found a second child everywhere.

None of my classmates of my two children were born alone, and there were even three babies.When I went out on weekends, I saw a lot of four.We are the coastal areas. House prices are comparable to north. To be honest, the pressure to raise children is still very high, but there are still many second -born life.I feel online is the Internet, and reality is reality.

Do you have a second child around you?

Most of the people you know have a second child, and there are very few ones of the second child.My family is a 8 -year -old son. I am sure that I do n’t want a second child, but there is only one family I know. There is no second child.[Cover your face]

Everyone on the Internet says that the salary is low every day, and the consumption cannot afford.In real life, I found that there were more than 10,000 a month.

There are few classmates of my two children’s class students with a monthly income of less than 50,000, and more than 100,000 are abound.When going out on weekends, it is basically Mercedes -Benz and BMW, and many families have more than two luxury homes.We are first -tier cities. To be honest, the competitive pressure is still very high, but many people are more than hundreds of thousands of annual salary.I feel that the Internet is still online, and reality is still reality.

Are there many rich people around you?

What do they say!Anyway, since I knew that I had a second child in my belly, who advised me to beat me and I didn’t listen. I wanted this child. Now that the baby is born for six months, I laughed my heart and smiled.All of them are all, Dabao also hurts Erbao, so happy, happy

[Laughing and crying] [Laughing and crying] Seeing the second child on the Internet is just like a sin. The more poorer said, in reality, the only children of my colleagues also gave birth to the second child silently.In the past, two colleagues of state -owned enterprise units were both grandsons and grandsons.Of course, there are one one.But compared to the second child, it is obvious that the one who has a child is much less than the previous few years.

Coordinates Beijing, there are indeed a lot of two babies around me.When having a child, I was so cute when I was a kid. After giving birth to a second child, I felt very difficult to raise it. It was too late to regret it.

If your circle is Bao Ma, then you feel that these people can really give birth, but if you work in the obstetrics, you will find 16 to 23 years.This is a real data, 16 million in 16,

My sister -in -law wants the second child, but she knows that she wants the second child. Her daughter’s living standards will fall directly. There is no way. People eat, drink, and play are all brand goods, so one is enough.I think so too, one is enough

There are a lot of second babies below our community. I also hesitate to live, but at present my mentality is not born. My husband’s son wants me to give birth, but I dare not give birth to the days when I think of the baby.It ’s much better than the boss, but I still have worries [laughing], raising a baby is a bottomless hole, it is easy to raise difficulties, but I’ m afraid that I ca n’t give birth to it later.Covering your face] I was a little hesitant. This year, 33 are left to me.

Too rich, marrying multiple women to live, the poor will not be born, you can’t marry your daughter -in -law, you will not be born with surplus, afraid of affecting the quality of life, the endless nor rich is the most willing to have a baby, the child is more born inSuch families can afford to raise luxury.

In fact, the poorer the more born more [Smiling]

If you do n’t believe you, go and see. The monthly salary is less than 5,000, and there are more lives, especially the favorite of two or three thousand monthly salary. Conversely, the monthly salary is more than 10,000 or more, rarely raw.

Basically, our company’s salary is more than 10,000 or more.

fetal.Give birth to children, take care of children at home, do not need to work, and can not work for one year during pregnancy. I don’t make any reasons for themselves.I do n’t have to make money for a few years when I have a child. As soon as others ask you, you are taking care of your child.How good is this reason

Yes, there are basically two babies around me, and there are cars and houses, but I heard that there are more than thirty bachelor Han in the rural production team in my hometown.So what can this explain?There are tens of billions around Jack Ma, are Chinese people in Ma Yun’s eyes?

There are not many second childs in this second child. There is no consciousness of male and daughter, and the only child policy has been implemented well. There is no obsession with the second child.Not to mention the second child, there are not a lot of child in the first child.However, there is a child who is really well -cultivated.

The only child between the two sides is good and the conditions are good. The second child is rare, because the elderly’s pension is not big, and you can help the children. Some cities work to a certain condition.Even even three babies, some are very normal. Children are still renting houses. They have three or even fourth and fifth, because some people do not care about their children.Can’t afford it?One pair of chopsticks

The friends and relatives around me had only one child. There were no second births. As far as my previous neighbors were in their twenties, they were all sons.With the sixth child and son [Tears] This has become a topic of neighbors and neighbors.

My cousin was so poor that the house was not available. There were no houses in the countryside. The house where I lived was still our house’s house. There were four people who gave birth to four.The cancer was gone the year before.His wife took four children, and the government gave his family to a minimum guarantee.Why do you have so many children?

I started to ask for the second child in the second child, and I thought that there were two children. It didn’t matter that men and women had a thought at that time. When we thought, we had a hand and foot.My friends felt that I was strange, but a few years have passed. The friends who questioned me at the beginning were not in my arms, if it was not a big belly, and some of them were tangled. This is really my own concept.The benefits of one child in the first child, the second child also has the shortcomings of the second child, as long as you are healthy and happy!

There are also two babies around me, but the kindergarten enrollment in the three years has seen fewer and fewer children. The 21 -year -old kindergarten is going to shake the number.The month has begun to ask for registration.

You are right, I feel the same.In fact, some people are actually reversed to the eye to make the business.As for the people in the comment area, the more poorer and the more they are, I think this is not. Most of my environment is a state -owned enterprise employee. Those who become grandparents and grandma are not poor. Most of them receive two grandchildren and children.There are 3 grandchildren.

Similarly, whether it is poor or wealthy, almost all of them are second, and only one child can even doubt life.Those who say that they are poor, and those who are rich are either limited to their hometown or they have seen more on the Internet paragraph.

I do n’t know if there are many second babies in rural areas. Anyway, there are very few people who have two babies in the city. Families with second babies are basically a daughter -in -law in the field. Our family is a little grandson.It is normal to have a child in life

In my 1995, the boss was a daughter who loved her. It turned out that she had not thought about the second child. Suddenly, one day I was slightly worried in my head. If one day I was not, who would protect her?Now I am going to have a second child, at least she has a family members in her life.

There are many second babies, and there are three babies.In the past, parents were worried that the unit was expelled from the unit, dare not give birth to a second child, and there were bold parents to sneak a second child, but usually the sneaky second child or sister has become the boss’s same classmates who reject them.When the second classmate said to himself, he would talk about it. How much did his parents punish her for her?

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