Everyone knows "pregnant women can’t take medicine in a cold"?These 5 correct response laws, please accept it

As we all know, pregnant in October, once childbirth, this is a major event for women.After pregnancy, women should pay attention to many problems. In addition to daily diet and sleep, prevention of disease prevention is also very important.Because the illness of the disease will not only affect the health of pregnant women, but also may have a adverse effect on the growth and development of the fetus.

Generally speaking, if you have a cold if you accidentally have a cold, you can condition it through the diet when the symptoms are relatively mild to help improve the body’s immune capacity, so as not to take medicine after the cold worsen.Because some cold medicines are strong, it is easy to bring side effects after taking it, which will affect fetal health.Therefore, it is important to regulate the body in time after pregnant women have cold symptoms.So, what should I do if pregnant women have a cold?

1. Drink plenty of water.Pregnant women should drink plenty of water after a cold and increase drinking water.In the early days of a cold, increasing drinking water can provide sufficient water for the human body to help relieve bad symptoms caused by colds, such as itching, cough, and hoarseness.In addition, water supply can maintain body fluid balance, which is beneficial to the improvement of cold symptoms.It is generally recommended that pregnant women ensure that there is a 2,000ml of drinking water every day after a cold.

2. Eat more fruits.During the cold, vitamins need to be supplemented, which can improve the body’s immune ability and resist the cold virus.For pregnant women, the body itself needs more nutrients. At this time, you can eat more fruits rich in vitamins to effectively enhance your physique and improve your physical resistance.Under normal circumstances, fruits suitable for pregnant women include kiwi, cherry, oranges, apples, etc. These fruits are rich in vitamins.

3. Add sleep.It is very important to supplement sleep during a cold. To maintain fullness through sleep, it can also improve the body’s immune ability, relax the body, and also help the improvement of cold symptoms.Therefore, pregnant women should rest in bed after a cold, so that the body can be fully cultivated, which is beneficial to the alleviation of the cold.

4. Pay attention to keep warm.Most of the pregnant women have a cold and are caused by wind chills. At this time, pay attention to keep warm, so as not to worsen the symptoms after the body is cold.When the weather changes, pay attention to increasing or decrease clothes, and do a good job of cold protection and warmth when going out.Only by paying attention to keeping warm can the symptoms of colds be avoided.

5. Drug treatment.For relatively severe colds, it is difficult to cure through simple food therapy or conditioning. At this time, you can consult your doctor’s opinion and inform the doctor’s pregnancy.EssenceOf course, during the medication, you also need to pay attention to diet and warmth.

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