Emotional hazards are all angry. These diseases are angry

Some people say that a woman’s life is like a gorgeous and charming flower. Her life should be fragrant, healthy and beautiful.Many women are prone to worry, and they need the tolerance and care of men and family members. For her health, try not to make her angry.


Long -term anger may cause difficulty in getting pregnant

Some infertile women do not have obvious organic lesions, such as fallopian tubes, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc.Some women are still infertile even if they have cured these diseases, which must consider the possibility of endocrine disorders too much.If women are often angry, they will cause liver qi to stagnate, qi and blood, and cause infertility.Therefore, family members should give women more understanding, respect and concern, and women with pregnant women should be treated in a timely manner, and regular treatment should be received to improve the power of pregnancy.


Emotional internal injuries may induce breast hyperplasia

Internal injuries and disorders are an important pathogenic factor for breast hyperplasia.The clinical manifestations are painful in breast mass. The main characteristics of before and after menstruation are more characteristic, which is more common in women aged 30 to 50.Most of these women are facing multiple pressures of work, life and family, and family members should give more care and care.


Bad emotion can induce a variety of "menstrual diseases"

The changes in the menstrual cycle are the earliest clinical symptoms of menopausal women. 65%of women will experience gradually extending the menstrual cycle, shortening menstrual periods, and decreased menstruation until menopause; 10%to 15%of women will suddenly appear amenorrhea, and menstruation will not come again;10%to 20%of women will have irregular bleeding, manifested as excessive bleeding and long menstrual period, and severe cases will even be anemia due to excessive blood loss.Due to the sudden reduction of hormones in the body, it can lead to great emotional fluctuations, which can be manifested as symptoms such as fatigue, depression, irritability, susceptibility, anxiety, difficulty concentration, memory loss, insomnia and forgetfulness.Therefore, menopausal women should get the care and tolerance of family and relatives and friends.


It is more likely to suffer from lymphatic tuberculosis

The name of the neck lymphatic tuberculosis is called a cricket. This disease was considered by Chinese medicine in ancient times that it had a lot to do with bad emotions, and it could even be used as an independent pathogenic factor.Patients often make the spleen due to poor emotion, stagnation of liver qi, qi stagnation, and the spleen is lost, and the sputum dampness is concluded in the neck.Because women are more emotional than men and more delicate minds, women are more likely to suffer from this disease.


Inducing digestive diseases such as gastritis

Women with poor mood often accompanied by high psychological pressure and excitement of sympathetic nerves. The blood flow of the stomach decreases and slows down, showing discomfort such as abdominal pain, bloating, and poor appetite.If women are in anxiety, depression, tension, and irregular feeding, they will cause autonomous nerves to be in an imbalance for a long time, and then it will easily cause chronic gastritis.In severe cases, it can also induce stress gastritis and stress gastric ulcers.


Angry may also "get angry" diabetes

In addition to bad eating habits, bad emotions and mental factors are also one of the important causes of diabetes.When people are in tension and anxiety, the sympathetic nerves are excited, which will directly inhibit insulin secretion. At the same time, the sympathetic nerve will also promote increased adrenaline secretion and indirectly inhibit insulin secretion.If bad emotions exist for a long time, the tendency of insufficient insulin secretion may be fixed, and diabetes will eventually induce diabetes.


Angry can induce hypertension and heart disease

Angry and emotional excitement causes increased blood pressure, and it is not uncommon for cases of heart disease.When people are angry, blood pressure will rise and heart rate will accelerate. Over time, it is easy to damage the heart and induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Emotional excitement is easy to stroke

When people are emotionally excited, they will have a large amount of adrenaline secretion, abnormal excitement of sympathetic nerve, and vascular contraction, which will increase blood pressure rapidly and cause certain damage to blood vessels.Especially middle -aged people with hypertension, poor blood vessel elasticity is more prone to stroke.People who are easily irritable, angry, or in a state of excessive exhaustion for a long time, are more than those of cheerful and optimistic active personality.


Frequent anger may induce glaucoma

Emotional fluctuations are one of the main factors of glaucoma. Frequent anger may lead to increased intraocular pressure and easy to induce glaucoma.Some strong -tempered women tend to become the target of glaucoma.

Therefore, for women, we must give more tolerance and care.Women must also learn to control emotions, relax their minds and minds, maintain a good state of mind, and stay away from the problem of disease.

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