Embarrassing SKR, how can I break fart during pregnancy?

Since I am pregnant, I believe that pregnant moms have had such an embarrassing experience, that is, the number of farts is obviously more than usual, and the taste is also extraordinary.

In fact, it is a normal response after pregnancy. In most cases, it is caused by changes in hormones in the pregnant mother’s body and the oppression of the uterus after pregnancy.

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There is also a little reason because the pregnant mommy’s mouth is eaten more, which causes flatulence, and the gastrointestinal circulation is not smooth.

In response to such a situation, there are also some suggestions here. Pregnant moms can refer to the situation:

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1. Eat less meals

Moms must keep in mind the principle of eating less.If flatulence, control the amount of each meal, eat less, and eat 5-6 minutes.Then add more meals, which can reduce the pressure on the stomach.In addition, don’t just eat liquid food, because liquid food is not fruitful, it is best to choose semi -solid food.

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2. Eat more cellulose

In the early stages of pregnancy, fetal baby needs a lot of protein; and starch, pasta, and beans are easy to produce gas and easily make gastrointestinal discomfort. The baby’s demand is less. ThereforeAvoid flatulence.

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3. Drink more warm water

When the pregnant mother accumulates too much excrement in the large intestine, the flatulence will be more serious. Drink more warm water to help smooth the intestines and promote the discharge of stool.Note that warm water is a better choice. Although black coffee also helps to promote gastrointestinal motility, it is not recommended to drink.

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4. Abdominal massage

Specific mothers can also massage the abdomen through scientific methods to promote exhaust.Generally, the uterus is located in the center of the abdomen, so avoid the uterus when massaging, and beware of the shrinkage of the uterus.

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5. Walk more after meals

Tourism is also a good way to promote intestinal peristalsis. As long as it is a pregnant mother with better constitution, you can take a walk outside for 20-30 minutes after 30 minutes to 1 hour after meals.If there are no places suitable for walking nearby, you can also move back and forth at home, which can also achieve the effect of walking.

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Regarding the embarrassing situation of farting during pregnancy, the pregnant moms must have some of their own experience. Do not leave a message below to share with the editor.

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