Effective yoga exercises after childbirth can restore your figure to before pregnancy

Every new mother needs a special recovery exercise.Postpartum yoga is a good way.Postpartum yoga posture can relieve your brain and restore your tired body.There are also some postpartum practical knowledge that can help you take care of your body and baby better.

You have spent nine months of pregnancy -and painful childbirth -but as you may have realized that the hard work of giving birth to a child has just begun!

It takes some time to adapt to the life of new mothers, whether it is the first time or not.Your physical and mental has gone through a lot. After you know you and you who are not pregnant again, your baby may be a fearful and overwhelming process.

From restoring your baby’s body before the birth of your baby, to keeping you sober and balance. Practicing yoga regularly after your baby is born can help you recover your health.Girls recommend practicing the following 5 postpartum yoga to help recover from postpartum body:

01, alternate nostril breathing

Conscious breathing (or interest adjustment) is a basic yoga exercise that can easily integrate into your daily life.Especially after those long -term night feeding, it should be done.

Alternate nostril breathing can help the mind that is excessive and active.It helps to restore physical balance, concentrate spirit, and cultivate internal consciousness.As a new mother, your thinking is often changing rapidly.Conscious breath can help you calm down and concentrate your consciousness.

02, mountain style

The mountain style can help you really feel a down -to -earth feeling.New mothers often take care of their children in a hurry, and often ignore themselves in the process.The mountain style is a kind of ground form, so it will help you keep your connection with the earth -also connection with your own.

This asana is more helpful to maintain a posture, and you can also take care of your children while exercising.This peaceful posture will help you remember that the challenge is temporary, and you can deal with anything in your life.

03, Niu Noodle Style

Niu noodle style is a must -have as form for new mothers.This asian helps to relieve tension on the shoulders and necks.Whether you keep breastfeeding or using a stroller, your shoulders and necks are the first place to suffer.

04, legs on the wall

You may think you are ready for the fatigue brought by a new parent.But you are really ready to face those nights that have almost no sleep.In order to increase your energy and reduce your pressure, it is necessary to practice your legs upwards.

This yoga is lying down and practiced.It can reverse the blood flow of the limbs, relieve leg fatigue and ankle swelling. As a mild inversion, it is a popular decompression active form.

05, pelvic practice

The bottom of the basin is the first part of the body. You can start gently after childbirth.This exercise can enhance the power of the pelvis and abdomen.

You can perform some mild Cagel at the same time to further strengthen the bottom of the pot.Starting from the supine, and then moving with the breathing, slowly tilt the belly button towards the spine, and then tilt the pelvis.

It is a wonderful thing to be a new mother!Sometimes as a new mother, the best thing you can do is focus on yourself.Your baby needs you to have a better state.Actively face the super challenge of becoming a new mother.

When those difficult times come, actively practice yoga.Let yourself really stand up through yoga, and you really feel that you are flowing.There are many things worth celebrating at this exciting moment in your life.You are mom now!

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