Edition 2021: 23 categories of regulations and benefits of marriage leave for leave of maternity leave, fake legal fake breastfeeding fake relatives and leaves

The 23 category of the 23rd holidays in this article are as follows:

1. Rest date 2. vacation festival 3. Diseases 4. Disease leave

5, marriage leave 6, maternity leave 7, prenatal leave 8, nursing leave

9. Preparatory examination leave during pregnancy 10, breastfeeding leave 11, dysmenorrhea fake

12. Bare leave 13, funeral leave 14, annual vacation 15, work injury leave

16. Detective leave 17. Archive leave 18. Social activity leave

19. Harvest Festival 20, operating holiday 21, Class A infectious disease leave

22. The only child and daughter care leave 23. Parenting fake

01. Rest day

Under normal circumstances, Saturday and Sunday are daily rest days, no salary on Sunday, 104 days throughout the year.

Article 44 of the "Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China" stipulates that the work of the work that workers cannot work on a rest day cannot arrange for the rest, and pay a salary of not less than the salary of not less than the salary.

The provisions of Article 7 of the State Council’s State Council’s Working Time (Order No. 146, May 01, 1995), state organs and institutions implement a unified working time on Saturday and Sunday.Enterprises and public institutions that cannot implement the unified working hours specified in the preceding paragraph can be flexibly arranged for the weekly rest day according to the actual situation.

According to the first question of the "State Council’s Regulations on the Working Hay of Employees" (Ministry of Labor issued [1995] No. 187), the conditions for enterprises should work as much as possible to work 8 hours a day and work 40 hours a week.system.If some enterprises cannot implement the standard working hours system due to the nature and production characteristics, the implementation of the "Regulations" and the Labor Law should be combined to ensure that the employees work for no more than 40 hours per week, and rest for at least 1 day a week.Therefore, some companies have allocated 40 hours in 6 days, and it is legal to rest for 1 day.

02. vacation festival

The first is the national statutory holiday for a total of 11 days.That is, New Year’s Day, 1 day of holiday (January 1); 2. Spring Festival, three days of holiday (the first, second, third, and third day of the first lunar month); 3. Qingming Festival, 1 day of holiday (day of the Qingming Ming Dynasty); 4, Labor Day, 1 day of holiday (May 1st); 5. Dragon Boat Festival, 1 day of holiday (day of the Dragon Boat Festival of the lunar calendar); 6. Mid -Autumn Festival, 1 day of holidays (day of the Mid -Autumn Festival in the lunar calendar); 7. National Day(October 1st, 2nd, 3rd).

According to Article 44 of the Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China, if workers work on a statutory holiday on a legal holiday, pay a salary of 300 percent of the salary.

Article 29 of the "Regulations on Wage Payment of Jiangsu Province" stipulates that: the legal holidays enjoyed by workers in accordance with the law, as well as annual leave, family -visiting leave, marriage funeral leave, late marriage and late childbirth leave, birthplace holiday leave, prenatal examination during pregnancy, maternity leave, breastfeeding, breastfeeding, breastfeeding, breastfeedingDuring the period of breastfeeding, men’s care leave, and labor injury employees during the period of salary and salary period, employers should be regarded as workers to provide normal labor and pay their wages.

Second, some citizens’ holiday holidays and anniversary: 1. Women’s Day (March 8), women’s holidays for half a day; 2. Youth Festival (May 4), young people over the age of 14 for half a day; 3. Children’s Day (Children’s Day (Children’s Day (June 1), a child under 14 years of age for one day on vacation; 4. Memorial Day (August 1) of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (August 1), the active soldiers took half a day for half a day.

"Measures for the National New Year and Memorial Day of the State Council": The holidays of all citizens’ holidays should be repaid on working days on Saturday and Sunday.For some citizen’s holiday holidays, if it coincides with Saturday and Sunday, no leave will be made.Note that if some citizens do not have a rest day for holidays, and employers require workers to work normally, the unit does not need to pay overtime pay.


The number of days of leave is determined by the employer by formulating rules and regulations.

According to Article 26 of the "Jiangsu Province Wage Payment Regulations", if the worker has one of the following situations, the employer may not pay the salary during the period: (1) during the holiday period …

Of course, some employers do not deduct the salary of workers during their holidays.In this case, if the employer pays salary and leave for 20 days, the workers will no longer enjoy the annual leave of the year.According to Article 4 of the "Regulations on the annual vacation of employees", employees have one of the following circumstances, and they do not enjoy the annual leave of the year: … (2) Employees for leave for more than 20 days and units do not deduct their wages in accordance with regulations …Mowing

04. Disease leave (disease or non -work injury medical period)

According to Article 59 of the "Opinions on the Implementation of the" Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China "(Opinions of the Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China" (Labor Ministry [1995] No. 309), it stipulates that employees’ illness or non -injuries during work injuries during the prescribed medical period during the prescribed medical periodInternal enterprises pay their leave salary or disease relief fees in accordance with relevant regulations. The salary or disease relief fee of the disease and leave can be paid lower than the local minimum wage standard, but it cannot be lower than the minimum wage standard of 80 %.

The number of days on disease leave (disease or non -work injury) is 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, and 24 months (special circumstances can be extended).According to Article 3 in accordance with the "Provisions on the Critical Cause of Enterprise Employees or the Medical Period of Injury Injury", when the employees of the enterprise are ill or injured due to work, they need to stop working medical care.Medical period from three to twenty -four months: (1) If the actual working life is less than ten years, it is less than three months in the working period of five years in the unit, and it is more than five years for six months.(2) If the actual working life is more than ten years, it is six months for the working years of less than five years, the nine months of more than five years, or less than ten years.It is eighteen months for more than fifteen years and two decades, and twenty -four months for 20 years.Article 4, the three months of the medical period is calculated at six months of cumulative sick breaks within six months, six months are calculated based on the cumulative treatment time within twelve months, and the cumulative treatment time is calculated in nine months.Twelve months are calculated based on the cumulative treatment time of the disease within eighteen months, the eighteen months are calculated based on the cumulative treatment time within 24 months, and the cumulative treatment time is calculated within 30 months.

The former Labor Ministry of Labor’s notice on implementing the "Regulations on the Medical Period of Enterprise Employees or Non -injured Injury" (Ministry of Labor issued [1995] No. 236) stipulated that the medical period of special diseases: According to the current actual situation, according to the actual situation, according to the actual situation, according to the actual situation,For some employees who have special diseases (such as cancer, mental illness, paralysis, etc.), if they cannot be cured within 24 months, they can be appropriately extended the medical period with the approval of the competent department of the enterprise and labor.

Article 27 of the "Regulations on Wage Payment of Jiangsu Province" stipulates that: if a worker is ill or stopped labor or not due to the negative injury, and during the state stipulated in the state, the employer shallThe agreement or relevant state regulations will pay the labor leave wages or disease relief fees to workers.The salary and disease relief fee of diseases and diseases shall not be lower than 80 % of the local minimum wage standards.Otherwise prescribed by the State shall prevail.Article 32 stipulates:

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