Eating goose eggs in the late pregnancy of pregnant women does not have the effect of "removing fetal poisoning", but these, I know early to benefit

There will be many things to pay attention to during our pregnancy, but pregnant women, because they are novice parents.Those who cannot distinguish some things.Then the elderly at home did not dare to interfere with it, fearing that it would affect the mood of pregnant women.And he was also afraid of being said to be a feudal superstition.

So you can only make some suggestions for you carefully.As for the judgment of a pregnant woman if you do it or not.So for pregnant women, she is most afraid of her baby’s influence on fetal poison.There are many saying to fetal poison.Which one is really effective?

Xiao Ni has been pregnant for seven months.It has reached the third trimester, because my body is too heavy.The movement was very inconvenient, and the doctor also suggested that he go to the hospital for a check -up, because his weight is too obese.Fear of the influence of fetal poison in the body too much on the child.And the mother -in -law who went with him also listened to this in his heart, so he asked how to remove the fetal poison?

Finally, the mother -in -law’s mother -in -law gave him a suggestion, saying that pregnant women should eat a goose egg every day.The baby born in this way will not have eczema or the like, and the skin is still smooth and effective.So her mother -in -law forced Xiao Ni to eat goose eggs every day.

Xiao Ni was very severe during pregnancy during pregnancy, plus him.I especially hate eating these eggs.I almost spit it up every day.Later, he caused malnutrition to stay in the hospital. The doctor heard his mother -in -law say: ignorance.

1. Cause jaundice

In fact, jaundice is not so terrible, because there can be nine jaundice among ten babies.Many elderly people say that jaundice is because of the impact of fetal poison in pregnant women on children.But in fact, fetal poison divisions are divided into physiological and pathological.And if it is physiological, it may be due to the impact of pregnant women’s attitudes on children during pregnancy.If it is pathological, it means a lesion that is produced in the growth process of the child.Generally, jaundice will disappear as long as it is treated.So parents don’t have to worry too much.

2. Eczema

Many babies have a eczema within a few days when they are born.Many parents also attribute this to the influence of fetal poison.But in fact, most of the eczema is because what is in contact with the baby has friction or disagreement with the baby’s body.For example, some babies are very allergic to pure cotton.This will produce eczema, or the weather is too hot at birth.Parents will also cause eczema for their babies.The effect of detoxification on eczema is actually very small.

1. Goose eggs and eggs cannot be eaten together

For pregnancy, it is indeed necessary to supplement protein, and Russia is also the best choice, but goose eggs must pay attention to consumption.Because a goose egg can top three eggs.Eat at most one goose egg in a day, and you can’t eat eggs after eating goose eggs.Because the effect of excessive protein supplementation on pregnant women is also great, it will cause the pregnant woman’s gastrointestinal burden to be too heavy and cause indigestion or nausea and vomiting.It also affects the nutritional absorption of pregnant women.

2. Goose eggs cannot be eaten with fried food

Because goose eggs contain unsaturated fatty acids.Waiting for nutrients can promote the baby’s brain development.Make your child’s intelligence more leap.If pregnant women and fried food consensus.Unsaturated fatty acids in fried foods can block unsaturated fatty acids in goose eggs.The greatest effect of goose eggs will fail.

Pregnant women generally want to give the baby the best, but be sure to pay attention to some foods that are easy to each other.Study more during the use of pregnant women.Watch out.Otherwise, it is easy to achieve reaction.And in fact, many things are not so complicated, we relax.You will find that your child’s development is better.

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