Eating apples at night is equal to poison?Reminder: These 4 types of fruits cannot be touched, and some can cause cancer

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There are three major circles in the world: the "Newton" apple in the physics world; the mobile phone apple in the technology industry

; The song in the square dance industry is a little apple.

The saying on the Internet that "Golden Apple in the morning, poisonous apples in the evening", mainly because they think that the intestines are active in the morning, which can improve the absorption efficiency of apple nutrition. At this time"Rest", it is difficult to digest when eating apples, and it is easy to accumulate in the stomach to produce toxins, hurt the liver and stomach, so it becomes a "poisonous apple".

But in fact, there is no scientific basis.From the perspective of nutrition and medicine, apples are rich in vitamins, minerals, and cellulose. They are a healthy fruit that is beneficial to the human body. As long as the gastrointestinal function is normal, it will not have any toxic effects in the morning or at night. Nutritional nutrition willThere will be no loss.

Some people feel discomfort after eating apples at night, which may be related to their personal digestive system and physical fitness, not the problem of Apple itself.Just like any food, excessive consumption is risky. In addition, some people may be allergic to natural fructose in apples or allergic to certain compounds in apple skin, which cause discomfort.

But for most people, Apple is a good healthy fruit choice at any time, and there are many benefits to eating more apples.

A study of the "Journal of Clinical Nutrition in the United States" in August 2021 shows that the obese people eat apples every day to help reduce the incidence of disease -related diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

Because apples rich in polyphenols have the characteristics of anti -inflammatory and antioxidant, they can help reduce the damage of free radicals and have a positive impact on blood vessel health.

In addition, cellulose in apples helps reduce cholesterol levels, regulate blood sugar control and promote intestinal health, and reduce risk of gallstones and diabetes.

In short, there is no doubt that Apple is rich in nutrition, and there is no specific requirements for intake time. However, because each person’s physical factors and needs are different, choosing proper fruits at different times may be more beneficial to harvest.

You can choose small sour flavor in the morning and absorb good fruits

Most of the Chinese people breakfast is relatively simple, and the nutrition is not balanced enough. Add fruit to replenish energy and nutrients well, making people more energetic.

However, when you just get up, the stomach will be fragile. Those who have indigestion can eat other foods first. At the same time, they should try to choose some fruits that are easy to digest and absorb and have small sour tastes, reduce gastrointestinal irritation, and promote digestion and absorption.

Before lunch, you can choose to improve the fruits of the fullness

The work or study in the morning will consume more energy, and often makes people ca n’t stop the car during lunch. In order to avoid too much and too fast for lunch, especially friends who want to control weightLow -calorie and full -full fruits to control the intake of staple food.

After lunch, you can choose to promote digestion and nourish the stomach.

After lunch, the stomach needs a certain time to digest food. In order to avoid aggravating the stomach burden, do not eat fruit immediately.You can choose acidic fruits for digestion half an hour after lunch to protect gastrointestinal health.

In addition, at the time of 3 or four in the afternoon, you can also eat fruit to supplement energy to relieve fatigue.

You can choose low sugar, low -calorie fruits at night

Most office workers will cause irregular dinner due to busy work. For the health of the body, dinner should be light. Try to eat high -salt and high oil food.At the same time, you can choose fruits with lower sugar or calories half an hour after dinner to help digestion, sleep, and relieve mental tension.

It is also necessary to remind everyone that the fruits are good, but they cannot eat more.According to the "Chinese Resident Dietary Guide 2022", adults’ daily fruits intake of 250g ~ 300g.Eat 2-3 species a day, especially for pregnant women, high blood sugar and other people. Eating too much may cause abnormal blood sugar.

Many people are out of the virtue of "diligence and frugality". Many times the fruits are rotten, and they are directly cut off and continue to eat.But this behavior is never desirable.

Multiple experiments have proved that after the fruit starts to rot, various harmful microorganisms and bacteria will breed quickly, produce harmful substances, and then penetrate and spread to unsolved places through juice to pollute other intact flesh.It is prone to abdominal pain, diarrhea, and even vomiting after consumption.

Motorous fruits are mostly caused by mold pollution. These molds can produce various types of toxins, such as ribentin, vibromycin, and cytamyl.

Among them, romancin can cause direct damage to the liver and cause liver cancer. It has been listed as a first -class carcinogen by the WHO; and vanomycin can harm nerve, respiratory and urinary systemEdema, etc., has a carcinogenic effect; gemromycin may have toxic effects on the kidneys and related to kidney disease.

It can be said that all of them are not good. Therefore, when the fruit appears mold or long hair, don’t eat it. Its destination is only a trash can.

Some of the unkained fruits contain high toxins or components that are not conducive to digestion.For example, persimmons, bananas and tomatoes, etc., have high tannic acid content when they are immature, can cause oral stimulation and indigestion.The immature papaya contains an enzyme called isin, which may cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Therefore, these fruits are best eaten after mature.

Some people feel that pineapple or numbness of tongue when eating pineapple. This is because pineapple contains calcium oxalate crystals, biofosides and proteases. When it is not properly treated, these substances will stimulate the mucous membrane, causing the skin epidermis or tongue tingling sensation.Even bleeding.People with allergies may also cause poisoning due to allergies to protease, and they can cause shock.

Therefore, when eating pineapple, you should clean the peel, dig off the fruit, and soak it in salt water for a while.Calcium oxalate, bioside, and proteases can be destroyed, and the astringent taste of pineapple can be removed to avoid the occurrence of "pineapple allergies".

In addition, it must be cleaned before eating all fruits, because some fruits may have bacteria, pathogen or pesticide residues, which has potential impact on human health.

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