Eating a pineapple, the woman’s tongue was "corroded" and lacked a piece …

It is midsummer

Fruit types are rich and delicious

Like pineapple sour and sweet

Take a sip to dispel the heat and thirst

If you think about it, it’s beautiful ~

But in recent days

Some netizens posted

After eating pineapple myself

The tongue was "corroded"

A miss …

real or fake?

Is it so dangerous to eat a pineapple?

Video screen can be visible

Shenzhen neighborhood Ms. Tan Tan

After extending your tongue

There is obvious lack of position at the tip of the tongue

"I ate a whole,

When I was eaten at the end,

I have a lot of blood on my tongue,

I thought it was bleeding at the time,

I found later,

There are no small particles on the tongue,

I thought nothing,

Last night, last night,

I found that the tongue was very large,

Obvious gap."

Ms. Tan Introduction

The pineapple I felt at the time was more born

Eat a whole whole

And the bowl soaked in salt water is also small

May not be soaked completely

That’s why this symptom

"That tongue is very swollen,

My lips are also very swollen,

Then I put it with salt water,

Nothing at that time,

I took anti -inflammatory drugs again."


Will it really lead to a serious question like Ms. Tan?

If you have an emergency doctor, you will introduce it

These are relatively rare situations

Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University

Zeng Chaotao, deputy chief physician of the emergency department, said:

"Because pineapple contains protease and alkaloids,

If you do not soak in salt water enough,

It may have a certain stimulating effect on the tongue,

It may be numb when you eat it.

Even if there is a lesion in the mouth,

It will aggravate oral ulcers,

Or there are gum bleeding and the like,

Will increase,

But as serious as the above lady,

It may be because of protease,

Or alkali has a local allergic reaction."

Dr. Zeng said

Ordinary neighborhoods eat pineapple

There are generally no big problems

You can soak it with salt water before eating

Inhibit the vitality of pineapplease

Or heat up

Lost the activity of pineapple protease by high temperature

"If it is just a simple tongue, numbness is numb,

Just drink plenty of water,

During this protease,

If the tongue is swollen and difficult to breathe,

Or dizziness, cold sweat,

The symptoms of these shocks,

Dial 120 in time,

Or come to the emergency,

Use some anti -allergic medicine."

Never imagined

Eating a pineapple can have such serious consequences

But don’t worry too much

This situation is relatively rare

If you usually eat pineapple

Pay more attention to the method of eating ~

Source: Guangdong Public DV site

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