Eat more onions, teach you new ways of eating, do not copy, pick it up, and let go of the heat.

Eat more onions in the hot weather. It is too fragrant to do this. The onion does not fried or pickled cold mixes. It is more fragrant than cold beef. After cutting, it is wrapped like a golden silk.Speaking, I have less than three meals a day. Today I will share with you a new way of eating onion.

First of all, we need to dig a beautiful onion from the small vegetable garden. If there is no planting, go to the vegetable market to pick a beautiful onion. The crispy onion is crispy and delicious, which is rich in vitamin folic acid and various trace elements.

First of all, we cut the onions half -cut, and then cut the onion into thin onion shreds, so that the onion will taste particularly delicious, cut all, and then put it on the plate for later use.Cut the three clean green onions into sections.Then prepare a piece of ginger to cut into ginger, and then put it in a small bowl for later use.

Then add 20 grams of peppercorns to it, pour half a bowl of water, stir with chopsticks and soak for 10 minutes, soak the ginger, green onion and water for later use, and then we prepare two chicken breasts.Special solution is delicious.

First cut the chicken breasts into large pieces of meat, and then add onion shreds. The unique aroma of the onion can promote the softness of the meat, and it can also add fragrance to fishy.That’s it. After making this, it is more fragrant than beef.

We also have to add a little green onion and ginger water to the minced meat, stir in one direction in one direction, and let the meat fill the water. Add the ginger and shallot water for the second time to continue stirring.Black pepper powder, one spoonful of old soy sauce, two spoons of raw soy sauce, plus a little chicken essence and one egg white, finally add about 50 grams of three small cassava starch, stir in one direction to make the meat filling in one direction.

Add the egg white to ensure that the meat filling is more tender. Add cassava starch in the same way. The food made is more powerful and the taste is a bit like the sausage that is usually eaten. It can be about 3 minutes on the feet.

Then we must prepare the tofu skin in advance, put the adjusted meat stuffing on the tofu skin, and lay flat. If you like meat, we can spread it a little more, but be as smooth as possible.Tofu leather rolls up like a roll sushi.

After cutting, we put it on the steamer, and the surface is pierced with a small hole with a small toothpick.In the small finish, add some fried white sesame seeds, drizzling with hot oil to stimulate garlic aroma.

Then add a spoonful of raw soy sauce and a spoonful of fragrant vinegar and salt. If possible, you can add a spoonful of chicken chili sauce, and then stir well with chopsticks. In this way, the red oil jacket is dipped in everything.

Time is here. In the future, the thousand -layer meat rolls of onions are really good. After it is completely cooling, we can cut into a thick piece of about 3 cm. We can also dip it in the sauce directly.Sprus, this is not only good -looking, but also delicious. Children are drooling when they see it. The above is the new way of eating onions. I wonder if everyone has learned it?

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