Eat less sweets during pregnancy

Xiao Lei: "Dr. Little, if you usually eat sugar, do you have to pay attention to eating less when you are pregnant?"

Dr. Little: "After the sucrose in the sweetness is digested and decomposed by the gastrointestinal tract, it can cause increased blood sugar concentration in the body. The more sweets are eaten, the higher the glucose concentration in the blood. When the blood sugar exceeds the normal value, it has two adverse effects on the body: ⊙ Promote the growth and reproduction of purulent bacteria such as Golden Polycin, thereby inducing scabies or bloating. Once the bacteria invade the bottom of the hair follicles, it becomes the root of bacteria, which seriously threatens the internal environment of the fetus to survive; ⊙ When sugar is in the body in the bodyWhen decomposing heat production, a large amount of acid metabolitic metabolic waste such as acetone and lactic acid will cause blood to change from normal weak alkali to acidic and form acidic constitution. This constitution is the cause of premature babies during fetal malformations and perinatal babies.One. Strictly controlling hyperglycemia for pregnant women is also the key to preventing futures from diabetes. "

Xiaolei: "Okay, I will tell Xiaoyun. Do you have to pay attention?"

Dr. Little: "In addition to sugar, sweets include cakes, fruits, biscuits, jams, sugar -additive beverages, sugar juice, chocolate, ice cream, etc. These foods only contain sugar, and there are not many nutrients.It is easy to gain weight in the future. Pregnant women should try to avoid eating such foods as much as possible in the late pregnancy, so as not to increase the weight too quickly and increase the difficulty of childbirth. "

Dr. Little: "Therefore, in order to ensure the health of themselves and the fetus, pregnant women in a very time should pay special attention to this problem, adjust their diet structure, eat less sweets, and reduce sugar intake. Young women who plan to get pregnant should be pregnantIn the first 6 months, the habit of preferred sweets, developing good eating habits, and laid a good foundation for themselves and their babies. It is appropriate to control the amount of sugar daily for pregnant women with sugar daily sugar. "

Xiao Lei: "I know."

Excerpted from "Children’s Health Rubbing Book-Fetal", People’s Army Medical Press, in 2008, editor-in-chief of Wang Xinliang (Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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