Eat instant noodles, okay?Will it cause cancer?Don’t trust "rumors", tell you the truth

"I really convinced your father and son. I eat instant noodles every day. I do n’t have any nutrition at all. I’ m afraid that you can eat problems! "Ms. He watched a table of instant noodles.

Ms. He is usually busy at work, and she often allows her husband to cook at home at night.But the husband was lazy, and when he was troublesome, he took his son to eat instant noodles.Over time, my son does not like to eat anymore, and he wants to eat instant noodles every day.

This made Ms. He angry. Today, I saw that the father and son were eating instant noodles again, and they talked hard.Ms. He had heard of carcinogens in the instant noodles before. It takes 32 days to take a pack to be detoxified. It can be discharged from the body in 2 months. Some materials in it will cause cancer, so they resolutely oppose them to continue eating instant noodles.

So, is the harm of instant noodles really as terrible as Ms. He thinks?

Instant noodles are very disgusting for many older generations. They think that the instant noodles are additives, and they are extremely unfavorable to health after eating.

It is undeniable that the instant noodles do have additives such as sodium benzoate and sodium bicarbonate.However, these additives are clearly allowed to be used by the state. As long as they are used limited to be used on the premise of legal compliance, they will not cause harm to the body.As for the saying that a pack of instant noodles requires 32 days to detoxify, it is nonsense. At present, there are no authoritative evidence to demonstrate this. It is more passed on to the rumor.

In addition, many people in life will choose to brew directly when eating instant noodles, and the instructions are often recommended for brewing for 3 minutes. Why?

The "3 -minute instant noodle method" was actually determined by the founder of instant noodles. In 1958, instant noodles were released in Japan. The founders found 3 minutes of psychological skills in the process of continuously experimenting with product sales.

That is, when facing food, it will be maximized to the expectations of food for 3 minutes, and the flavor of the noodles will further stimulate the taste buds, making people eat happier.After more than 3 minutes, the patience of people will gradually lose, and the expectations of food will also weaken. When eating instant noodles, they will feel not so delicious.

Many people have heard of instant cancer that can cause cancer, and many people have pulled it into the blacklist because of this. Is the instant noodle really so terrible?

In fact, as early as 2016, at the "High -level Forum of Instant Noodle Safety Issues" held by the Chinese Food Science and Technology Society and the Chinese Nutrition Society, it has been clearly stated that the content of acrylamide in the face is compared to traditional foods such as fritters, oil cakes, twists and other traditional foods such as fritters, cakes, and twists.Lower, even lower than soybean, breakfast oatmeal, and fried chestnuts.Therefore, it is not reliable to say that instant noodles are carcinogenic.

However, it cannot be denied that instant noodles may indeed have acrylamide, polystyrene and other components.Because instant noodles are a grain product that is fried at high temperature, a certain amount of acrylamide will indeed produce a certain amount of acrylamide at high temperature, but the content is very limited.

Generally speaking, the average content of fried instant acrylamide is 15 ~ 80 μg/kg.Some studies have pointed out that animals weighing above 25kg need to consume 7g acrylamide at one time to have toxic and side effects on health. Compared with the content of the instant noodles, the content of instant noodles is minimal.

As for polystyrene, it is an ingredient on the barrel of the instant noodles.It is found in mouse experiments that the substance needs to be carcinogenic in large doses, about tens of milligrams per kilogram of weight, and the amount of instant noodles does not reach this dose.Therefore, we cannot completely put aside the dosage and toxicity, which is a very "hooligan" saying.

In fact, there is no "junk food" in life, only "junk diet".Taking chocolate as an example, it is a highly energy food that can quickly supplement energy when eating chocolate when running long distances and exercise.However, when there is no lack of energy in daily life, a large amount of chocolate can lead to gaining weight and threatening health.

In addition to instant noodles, common foods such as burgers and fritters have also been criticized. They believe that these foods are useless and purely "junk food".

In fact, it is really not possible. Take the burger as an example. Basically, there are meat, vegetables, and bread. Energy, protein and staple food are enough. You can eat it as rice.However, the meat cakes in many burgers are fried and fried. Coupled with the smeared salads and butter, the fat content will be greatly increased, and the amount of vegetables in the burger generally has little amount. It is difficult to add sufficient dietary fiber or vitamin.Essence

If you eat burgers, do not match other fried chicken and fries, but add salad and fruit, you can supplement sufficient energy and vitamins without excess calories. Why not a healthy meal?

As for the food of the fritter, there may be problems with the problem of high heat, high fat content, and vitamin destruction, but it is not completely impossible to eat.In life, you can occasionally eat fritters. While eating, it is recommended to match soy milk and vegetables. At the same time, control the calorie intake of lunch and dinner, and keep the calorie intake without exceeding the standard.

Instant noodles have always been disliked by many people, but it is actually not as "unforgettable" as legendary. It is completely possible to eat instant noodles in daily life. At the same time, adding sufficient vegetables and appropriate amounts of meat at the same time are actually.A healthy meal.

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