Easy to be constipated during pregnancy?Master these 5 points and make the pregnant mother more comfortable to defecate

After women’s pregnancy, the level of hormone in the body has changed a lot, and the secretion of growth hormone and progesterone is strong, but the amount of gastrointhonin secretion is reduced, extending the time of food staying in the intestine, which can easily cause constipation.Especially after the middle and late pregnancy, as the fetus increases, the uterus will become larger, affecting intestinal peristalsis, restrictions on abdominal muscle and diaphragm activity, which will cause insufficient defecation power and increase the symptoms of constipation.

Constipation is not a small problem. It has always been allowed to increase toxins in the body, affecting the growth and development of the fetus, and can cause abortion or premature birth in severe cases.How to actively adjust this problem to make the bowel more smooth?

1. Adjust your diet

Diet support after pregnancy is very important. It should ensure a nutritional balance and comprehensiveization, and ensure that more than 25 kinds of foods are eaten per week.Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits and grain grains. The diet should not be too refined. Among them, dietary fiber can help regulate intestinal flora and reduce the symptoms of constipation.

In addition, after pregnancy, the uterus increases the bladder. Therefore, most pregnant women have frequent urination, which can reduce the amount of water drinking in order to reduce the frequent urination, make the intestine dry, and cause constipation.Therefore, developing the habit of actively drinking water to ensure that the daily drinking water is more than 2000 ml.In order to prevent frequent nights and reduce sleep quality, you can’t drink too much water before going to bed.

2. Cultivate good bowel habits

When the bowel movement is arranged after dinner or when you get up in the morning, no matter whether you have any intentions, you must squat consciously or not. Over time, you can generate conditional reflexes, which is conducive to cultivating good habits of timely stools.

However, the stool time should not be more than 5 minutes. You must concentrate on the bowel movement. You cannot play with your mobile phone or read a book, so as not to aggravate constipation or induce hemorrhoids.

3. Exercise

During pregnancy, we must not stay in bed for recuperation. It also needs to be moderately exercised, which can not only promote the growth and development of the fetus, but also promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, alleviate constipation problems, but also help the future delivery.You can choose to ease, such as walking, practicing yoga or eased swimming.

4. Adjust your emotions

Negative emotions such as anxiety, fear or depression can affect the stool, so it should be peaceful and eliminate bad emotions in time.Ensure to defecate in a quiet and familiar place to avoid being disturbed by the outside world.

5. Take lactose sugar

Class B is considered to be used for safety. Pregnant women can use it under the guidance of a doctor. It can promote defecation and assist the treatment of pregnant women with constipation. It will hardly affect the health of the fetus and mother, nor will it bring serious adverse reactions.

In addition, you can also take wheat bran according to your doctor’s order. This is a volume -based laxative, which can relieve and improve mild constipation. You can put such drugs in drinks or food, but it is easy to cause bloating. During the medication, you should drink plenty of water.

Pregnant women should take the problem of constipation correctly and actively do a good job of life debugging.Arrange the diet structure and increase the proportion of rough grains in the staple food, such as oats, corn and brown rice, and sorghum, which should account for one -third of the staple food.Make sure to eat 500 grams of different types of vegetables and 200 grams of low sugar fruits every day, dark vegetables should be more than half.

In addition, when constipation, you cannot defecate excessively, so as not to cause abdominal pressure and intracranial pressure to rise suddenly, and even the unexpected harm.Refractory constipation also needs to actively cooperate with doctors for treatment. Do not take drugs by yourself to avoid threatening the health of the fetus.

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