East -pull and West

A female astronaut went to pregnancy after going to the outer space. In fact, she was infertile patient. She and his husband also had a simulation robot son.

It may be understood when you see this poster, this is a science fiction drama!However, this is a high -force American drama about aerospace, about the unknown world!

The female astronaut Molly Woods returned home after performing 13 months of mission in outer space and found that she was strangely pregnant.Her memory lacks part of the content, and she cannot understand what happened to her.

Of course, this drama is still being updated. If you want to know the results, go to see it yourself!

Of course, our goal is the sea of stars, not the science fiction drama of the American guy!

The Shenzhou series may be the first step in the stars!

On June 11, 2014, the Shenzhou 10 spacecraft launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.Chinese astronauts Nie Haisheng, Zhang Xiaoguang, and Wang Yaping took the Shenzhou 10 spacecraft to get out of space.

In 2016, in addition to the "Tiangong II Space Lab" in China, the Chinese manned space plan will also launch the Shenzhou 11 manned spacecraft and complete the connection of the delivery.In addition, a new rocket and a new space launch base will also participate in the manned space project for the first time.

In addition, the two male astronauts will stay in space for 30 days!This is the first time, and it is also the breakthrough progress of the Chinese people to conquer the stars!

But what are the Americans doing?

Just today, at 12:25 on March 2nd, Beijing time, three astronauts will return to the earth from the space station. Among them, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and the Russian Federal Astronaut Astronaut Mikhail Kornienko perform a one -year space station task.

This is the fourth space mission of Mr. Kelly. If he returns as scheduled, his track time is 540 days.

This Scott Kelly is the master who dare not be lonely in space and still shoot the earth’s social networking site all day!

Well, he is the first photographer in the universe!

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and the Russian Federal Astronaut Astronaut Mikhail Kornienko, some data of the one -year space station mission, at a speed of 5 miles per second, 1 lap every 90 minutes, a total of 5440 laps around the earth, 1.43846525 million miles aroundAfter watching 10944 days of sunset, 730 liters of urine and sweat were recovered.

At present, our God Eleven has not been launched, but it can be imagined, what do astronauts have to do for 30 days?I have a few brains, welcome to choose!(Part of the content comes from Weibo, China Military Network)

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