During the same room during pregnancy, 4 benefits of the fetus!Do you know the feeling of the baby?

Can I still do intercourse after pregnancy?Many prospective dads are worried that the same room during pregnancy will adversely affect the fetus.In fact, after 4 months of pregnancy, the husband and wife properly in the same room will not only harm the fetus, but also be good for the fetus.So what will happen to the fetus during pregnancy?

1. The fetus will perceive the heartbeat of the pregnant mother

When sexual life, heartbeat will accelerate, and pregnant women are no exception.This kind of heartbeat acceleration will be perceived by the baby, so the fetus will move in the mother’s belly, which will cause the discomfort of the pregnant mother’s belly. In fact, this is a normal physiological phenomenon.Pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much.

2. The fetus will feel that the uterus is shrinking

When intimidating, the mother’s uterus will involuntarily shrink, and the fetus in the abdomen can feel it. For the fetus, it feels like her house is constantly shrinking. Therefore, the fetus will make some of the body.The adjustment of the posture is also good for the baby.This contraction is within the normal range. The fetus usually believes that the mother is in normal exercise and will not have any impact on the fetus.

3. The fetus will perceive the vibration

In the same room, even if there is a slight movement, you can’t avoid physical vibration, and even make a sound. The feeling of the fetus is very sensitive. The baby can perceive the mild impact when the parents are hot.It will play the role of buffer and will not endanger the fetus.

But don’t relax your vigilance, be cautious. If you move too much, you will break the amniotic fluid.

4. The fetus will be particularly excited

After the husband and wife are hot, the mother may be touched, but at this time, the baby is completely the opposite, but it will be more vibrant and the brain is very excited.Because when the pregnant mother is in the same room, the blood circulation in the body will increase, which will indirectly cause the baby to be extremely excited.

Proper room during pregnancy, pay attention to grasping the scale, is good for babies and pregnant mothers.

Okay ~ I will share here today, continue to pay attention to learn more!

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