During the epidemic, can I go to the hospital for 6 weeks of pregnancy?6 pregnancy

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Recently, many people consult with pregnancy. I saw another one today: Do you have to go to the hospital for 6 weeks during the epidemic?In fact, no matter whether you want your baby, you will face the problem of going to the hospital. Do you want to go to the hospital?

Jingma’s suggestion is: During the epidemic, if there are no abnormalities in the 6 weeks of pregnancy, you don’t have to rush to the hospital.If the pregnant mother really wants to go or there is no local infection case, it is recommended that the earliest pregnancy is 8 weeks of pregnancy. In this gestational week, the B -ultrasound can be seen more clearly, and the fetal heart can be seen.There are cases of infection, you can wait until 12 weeks to see it. At that time, the epidemic may also be alleviated. At that time, it is good to call the hospital in advance; but if there are abnormalities, such as bleeding (including brown secretions) and severe abdominal pain, thenIt is recommended to go to the hospital to see a doctor in a timely manner for protection. In addition, some pregnant mothers are accidentally pregnant and do not want this baby. Then decide according to the actual situation. If you can go to the hospital, you can go.

Many pregnant mothers will worry about the fetus because they cannot go to the hospital. Below, the Beijing mother will talk about the development of the fetus at 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, and the pregnant mothers have a good heart.

6 weeks of pregnancy: The fetus is about 1.5cm in length. It looks like broad beans. From the B -ultrasound, you can see the original heartbeat of the fetus, about 150 times per minute, which is equivalent to twice the heartbeat speed of the pregnant mother.The development is very fast, the arm is much longer than last week, the elbow joints also started to appear, the feet were separated from the leg buds, and the toes were faintly visible.

7 weeks of pregnancy: The fetus is about 2cm long, and it looks like broad beans, but it is slightly larger than last week.However, the brain nerve cells have extended outward and are radiated, forming a basic neurological pathway, and the small brain lobe is also clearly visible.

8 weeks of pregnancy: At this time, the small fetus is about 3.6cm in length and weighs about 15 grams. The previous body and the curved head forward gradually straightened this week.The internal organs of the fetus are gradually forming, the lungs, stomach, and intestines are developing in the abdomen. The kidneys have been migrated to the upper abdomen, and the heart has completely differentiated into four ventricles.

After 8 weeks of pregnancy, the baby has changed from embryo to fetal, entering the so -called "fetal period".

Therefore, if the pregnant mother is convenient to go to the hospital, you can go to the hospital for a examination at 8 weeks of pregnancy to see the development of the fetus; if it is still not convenient to get in and out, you can also wait until 12 weeks of pregnancy. By the way, by the way, by the wayFiles; but if you are a hospital with tight beds, you can call the hospital in advance to consult the problem of building files.

Because you can’t go out and check, the pregnant mother is more nervous every day at home, worried about the development of the fetus.

Indeed, 6 weeks of pregnancy belong to the early pregnancy or the embryo period. The "embryonic development" is still harsh on the outside world. Some bad living habits and diet may cause abnormal embryonic development, even fetal stopping, abortion, etc.Therefore, the aspects of pregnant mothers should pay attention to.

1. Don’t stay up late

Because now the epidemic is nothing to do at home, many people stay up late to watch TV series, play mobile phones, etc., and then do not know when to wake up the next day.

If it is normal, it doesn’t matter if you occasionally a few times, but now you are pregnant, you have to correct this irregular schedule. In addition to staying up late to bring physical fatigue to pregnant mothersPregnant mothers still need to pay more attention to rest.

2. Reasonable diet

6 weeks of pregnancy, at this time, pregnancy or other uncomfortable symptoms may occur. In addition to more rest at home, pregnant mothers must also maintain an optimistic attitude, eat reasonably, and eat less appetite.Do not eat drinks or unhealthy snacks. Let your family buy some fresh ingredients at home every two days.

If the pregnancy vomiting is severe, you can contain slices of mint, you can also eat soda cakes, and you can also make a cup of lemonade and drink; don’t barely do not want to eat. You can eat as much as you can., By then, arrange diet.

3. Pay attention to the relationship between husband and wife

Now that the epidemic is at home, everyone may affect the relationship between husband and wife because of the division of labor of housework and other things, resulting in great emotional fluctuations in pregnant mothers, and there are even plans that do not want a baby.

Therefore, if you are pregnant during the epidemic, you must inform the prospective dad so that he will be prepared in advance and actively participate in the housework and prenatal education. In addition, there is also an important point. In the early pregnancy, try not to have the same room.

4. Pay attention to early abortion

There are many reasons for abortion, such as bacterial infection, hormone deficiency, abnormal fetal chromosomes, smoking, drinking, environmental pollution, etc., which may cause early abortion.

During abortion, pregnant mothers usually find bleeding and spasmal lower abdomen pain. In this case, pregnant mothers should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

However, pregnant mothers should not worry too much. The probability of early abortion was very low. Most of them occurred in 8 weeks of pregnancy. Just pay attention to it.

5. Supplement folic acid

If you have been preparing for a husband and wife, you should continue to replenish folic acid after pregnancy, but if you are pregnant by accident, you have not supplemented folic acid before, and you must add it after you find it.

Although I try not to go to the hospital for examination, the pregnant mother can allow the prospective dad to buy some folic acid tablets at the pharmacy. Folic acid is to prevent fetal nervous tube defects.Be sure to check the instructions before buying folic acid.

The above is 6 weeks of pregnancy, because the epidemic is inconvenient to go to the birth check -up at home. I hope that the pregnant mother will take it seriously and give birth to a healthy baby.Wish good pregnancy.

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