During pregnancy, women are prone to these three complications, please increase vigilance

For women, pregnancy is a pleasant thing, and most women will pay special attention to them during pregnancy. In order to allow the fetus to supplement sufficient nutrition, they will take too much high fat and high -calorie food.However, some women do n’t know that the occurrence of complications due to unwavering diet and other aspects during pregnancy, and the occurrence of these complications will endanger the fetus and mother, so pregnant women need to know and prevent some complications during pregnancy.

1. Pregnancy hypertension

Pregnancy hypertension is a common complication during pregnancy. After pregnancy hypertension, women will be characterized by rising blood pressure. Especially during the continuous rise in blood pressure, some pregnant women will have edema, headache, or even dazzling.Symptoms, this has great harm to pregnant women and fetuses, so once the blood pressure has increased, you must seek medical treatment in time.

Wen Jiying, chief physician of the obstetrics department of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital, has been interviewed and stated that for some high -risk pregnant women with hypertension with hypertension, let yourself pay attention to calcium supplementation before pregnancy.These women should control their weight while pregnancy, maintain reasonable nutrition and exercise in order to effectively prevent pregnancy hypertension.

Two, anemia

After entering the middle of pregnancy, due to the acceleration of physical blood flow, women need a lot of blood. At this time, women are prone to anemia, because the mother will supply a large amount of blood to the fetus, which will allow their own blood capacity to circulate cycles.Decreasing, pregnant women will have symptoms of hybrids such as palpitations, dizziness, fatigue, and insomnia due to ischemia. Therefore, after entering the middle of pregnancy, you need to replenish the phenomenon of iron to improve the anemia.

Third, gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is also a complication of complications that pregnant women are more common during pregnancy. Due to hormone secretion, it will reduce the sensitivity of pregnant women during pregnancy.If the blood glucose control is not good, it can easily lead to deformed fetal development, or let the fetus suffocate in the uterine cavity, so the monitoring of blood sugar during pregnancy should also be valued.

Warm reminder that if pregnant women do not pay attention to some complications during pregnancy, complications are the most likely to cause the body and fetus to be affected after the occurrence.Therefore, we must pay more attention during pregnancy, and regularly do various inspections to let yourself know the physical condition. At the same time, you must avoid the intake of high -fat and high -calorie foods. Eat more fruits and vegetables and keep the diet light.harm.

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