During pregnancy, these folk taboos have been circulated during pregnancy. How many types have you heard of?

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I believe that many pregnant mothers have such experiences. After learning that after pregnancy, many elderly people in the family will tell them what they can do, which can not be made, which foods can be eaten, which foods can not be eaten.It’s particularly credible!

When I was pregnant, because I lived with my mother -in -law, my mother -in -law talked about precautions during pregnancy.At the beginning, it was okay, and she could listen patiently.Later, the mess she talked about was annoying when she was messy.

There is an old saying: If you don’t listen to the old man’s words, you will suffer.The wisdom of the generation and the generation of generations must be somewhat reasonable.But there are many taboos during pregnancy. Most of the taboos that have been circulated during pregnancy have no scientific basis. Should we believe it?Many taboo sounds very mysterious. Is there any reason to make these taboos?

There are such claims in many places. Moms cannot tell others for three months of pregnancy.From a medical perspective, the first three months of pregnancy is a critical period for the baby’s development. According to statistics, 80%of the accidents will occur during this period. Therefore, in order to seek psychological comfort, many mothers will also develop after 3 months.Stable and share the joy with you.

It should be understood that pregnant women cannot participate in the funeral. After all, it is a particularly sad thing. It may be emotionally unstable because of excessive sadness, which leads to the movement of the fetus.Unsafe factors! But why can’t pregnant mothers go to someone else’s wedding? The wedding is festive?

There is such a statement in the tradition. During pregnancy, the uncle and aunt in the family are married and married.Endogly mother and child.This situation can also be understood, and it is also a unique custom of Chinese people.On weddings such as weddings, people are often crowded and the air is not good; and on this occasion, the pregnant mother is easy to emotional excitement, affecting the growth and development of the baby in the belly.

The ancients believed that if pregnant women dismantled the house or moved, it would be easy to move the fetal god and fetal gas, which would be unfavorable to the baby.In fact, moving the gas is ancient. The fundamental reason should be that it is not suitable for excessive labor during pregnancy.

Excessive labor is easy to increase the instability during pregnancy, and moving not only requires a lot of labor, but also the change of the environment can easily affect the mood of expectant mothers. Therefore, there will be a statement that is not suitable for moving during pregnancy.Specific mothers should investigate the reasons in detail, rather than stupid blindness and do not know the truth.

Summary: If there is a scientific basis for these folks, it is still over.But blindly obeying these taboos, the more restrictions on yourself, the more the pressure increases, but affects the mood of pregnant mothers during pregnancy, which is not conducive to the development of the fetus.

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What are you encountered during pregnancy?

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