During pregnancy, there is a fetal movement called fetal snoring. How many pregnant mothers have encountered it?

I have a girlfriend who has been pregnant for 22 weeks. In the past few days, the fetus in my stomach has been twitching. There will be almost five to six twitches every day. Each twitch will last for more than 10 minutes, and she will start to be a little scared.What happened to the baby in the belly? How can there be convulsions?

Many pregnant mothers have had such similar situations, but do pregnant mothers know what’s going on?Will there be any bad impact on the baby in the stomach?What should I do if this happens?

Pregnant mothers should not worry about this situation. In fact, the baby in the stomach is snoring, which is a kind of fetal movement.Therefore, pregnant mothers should no longer think that the fetal baby moves only over, turning his head, moving arms, eating hands, etc. In fact, snoring is also a type of fetal movement. This is a new skill of the baby.

Let me take the pregnant mothers to understand the reason why the baby’s hiccups are hiccups ~

1. The reason why the baby hiccups is snoring

When the baby’s snoring in amniotic fluid, due to the difference in pressure, the amniotic fluid will move in the fetal organs and bronchies. This trend movement has a good role in promoting the development of the pulmonary blood system of the baby.One of the important factors of coordinating breathing exercise quickly.Fetal baby hiccups are a way to improve lung breathing ability!~

2. Specific performance of fetal snoring

1) B -ultrasound can clearly see: the baby’s head is slightly raised, the lower jaw is slightly open, the abdomen is harvested, the trunk of the trunk is twitching, the diaphragm muscle moves up and down, and the umbilical cord is swinging in amniotic fluid, but the baby’s limbs are not moved.

2) Average once every 2-3 seconds, each time for 2-5 minutes, usually 10-20 minutes to return to normal.Touching the abdomen with your hands will feel regular, especially like heartbeat.

3. What should I do when the baby hiccups?

Since the baby’s snoring is not harmful, pregnant mothers don’t have to be too nervous.When the baby is snoring, the pregnant mothers gently touch the abdomen, and the hiccup of the baby will be good for a while.

4. Is the baby hiccup?Is the baby’s hiccups related to the living habits of pregnant mothers?

The baby’s snoring in the late pregnancy is particularly common. Some fetal baby can snoring many times a day, and hiccups every day, but there are also baby babies never snoring!Therefore, the baby hiccups are also related to the individual difference between the baby.The hiccup of the baby’s baby has nothing to do with the living habits of the pregnant mother, and the time of snoring is not the same. Some baby baby snores after meals, and some baby will snoring in the middle of the night.

It is generally believed that snoring has no harm to the baby.Therefore, pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much about the baby’s snoring.In addition, the snoring of the newborn baby is harmless to its body ~

I will share it here about the content of the fetal hiccup. If there is anything else I do n’t understand, you can follow my article in the future ~

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