During pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s belly is tight?Maybe it is related to these things, do you know?

After women’s pregnancy, as the pregnancy cycle increases, when the second and second trimester of pregnancy, the belly will have tight and hard condition, but it will be relieved in a while, and some pregnant mothers will also have belly hair in the early stages of pregnancy.Tightening and hard situation.We know that for pregnant mothers, the most concerned about the development of the baby. Many people say that the pregnant mother’s belly hair is tightly tightly childbirth signal, which is not necessarily. Sometimes it may be related to these factors.Get up and understand.

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s belly is tight?Maybe it is related to these things, do you know?

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers are caused by fatigue

After pregnancy, many female friends choose to be at home for the healthy development of the fetus, but in the process of maternity, we may find that the home is relatively dirty. We know that most female friends are clean.In the process of tires, some physical labor may be done, such as mopping, washing clothes, etc.These household chores are a relatively physically important thing. If the pregnant mother is overworked, there may be signals with tight belly hair. This may be a protest from the baby.

Therefore, for the health of herself and the fetus during pregnancy, my aunt can do some physical labor in moderation, but it is best not to do those who consume physical things.Pregnant infant shops understand that some small knowledge about parenting is helpful for avoiding the baby’s hands after the baby is.

During pregnancy, the fetal baby’s fetal position changes

In the late pregnancy, the reason why many female friends’ belly had tight and hard, it was likely to be caused by pseudo -contractions.Because there is no regular time when pseudo -contractions appear, and sometimes strong and sometimes weak, the time of tight belly hair is not the same.The reason why this happens is probably the traction caused by the decline in the lower section of the woman’s uterus, which stimulates the pseudo -contraction of women.With the increase of the pregnancy cycle, the pseudo -contraction phenomenon may decrease until the time period of 36 weeks to 38 weeks of pregnancy.

Caused by constipation during pregnancy

After pregnancy, it is positive for most female friends.The body is relatively hot. If you do not pay attention to your diet at this time, it is easy to cause constipation. Long -term constipation will cause metabolites to accumulate in the body, which will make the pregnant mother’s belly tight and hard.Therefore, if the pregnant mother finds that she has constipation, drink plenty of water in daily life, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and food with rich dietary fiber, which may help to alleviate the phenomenon of constipation.

Signal before delivery

In the late pregnancy, many female friends will also have a tight stomach. If you find that you have a regular contraction, and the contraction time is getting more and more regular, the time is becoming shorter, and the abdomen will still haveAccompanied by a feeling of abdominal pain, it may be the signal part of the baby’s upcoming childbirth. It may be possible to bring your family to bring the bag to be given a baby and go to the hospital for delivery in time.Therefore, the stomach of the pregnant mother during pregnancy is tight and hard, or it may be a signal before childbirth.

The above is the childcare knowledge that I will share with you today. Thank you for your reading and wish you a happy life.

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