During pregnancy, my mother -in -law took care of it. After the confinement, I walked into the Civil Affairs Bureau


Recently, on the video platform, she always pushed the clip of Shanghai girl Hu Lijuan being bullied by the mother -in -law of the Northeast.

I have a helpless smile.

She is a mother -in -law and a mother -in -law who thinks her son has the ability.

However, when encountering such a mother -in -law from Hu Lijuan, at least there is a mother -in -law.

But my mother -in -law is the "filial piety of daughter -in -law" in her neighbors, and the "perfect mother" in my husband’s eyes.

Even her parents were bought by her.

Every time, when I complain about my mother -in -law’s relationship with my mother, she pointed at my nose and said, "You died, why do you do not hesitate?"

So, what kind of person is my mother -in -law?


My name is Shui Ning, a lively and cheerful girl.

I have a happy family. Dad loves moms very much, and housework has always been borne by two people.

This made me have a happy vision for my family since I was a child: Under the warm light, my husband and I sat in front of the dining table with a cute daughter.

He gave me a piece of sweet and sour pork ribs, and I fed him a sip.

At this time, the daughter would shout in a hurry: "Mom, mother, I want you to feed me to eat shrimp …"

But when I got married, I knew that this was a dream of my own fantasy after all.


My husband and I are free in love.

When I knew him, I was a new intern of the company.

At that time, I was curious about everything and vitality. The department head asked him to take me.

He gave me the first impression that he was tall and thin, wearing a pair of golden -frame glasses, and the whole person exuded a elegant temperament.

Suddenly, let me have a lot of good impression on him.

With the increasing contact of work, he feels more and more.

On one occasion, we worked overtime until more than 10 pm. When I got off work, I was hungry and hungry, and my stomach was embarrassed in front of him.

He smiled and said, "Let’s go, little girl, brother takes you to eat."

During the talk, the evening breeze blew his hair, making him more free and easy.


We ate the stalls on the side of the road.

After two bottles of refreshing beer, he seemed to say to me inadvertently: "At first glance, you feel like you are like ice beer in the hot summer, smooth and clear."

I joked him: "You confession is good alternative!"

He suddenly pulled my hand and said, "Shui Ning, can you be my girlfriend?"

I was frightened by his sudden confession. I didn’t know this confession, the role of alcohol, or he really liked me.

But I like him true.

So I blushed and nodded and agreed.

The company did not allow the office relationship, and I had to secretly fall in love with him.

In order for our feelings to see the light as soon as possible, I chose the test.

After my written test was successfully passed, when I was about to interview, I was pregnant unexpectedly.

When I told him about my pregnancy with him, he jumped three laps with happiness, and said to me, "Let’s get married!"

Then he pulled me into the mall.

In the whole process, my brain was in a circle.

I just knew that he spent nearly a month’s salary and bought a lot of gifts for my parents.


His parents were very happy to see him.

But they knew that after I was pregnant, I warned me that the child could not be asked.But I really like children and really like him.

So for the first time, I did it with my parents.

In the world, no parents can twist their children.Therefore, on the seventh day of the Cold War of my parents, they agreed to the marriage.

The wedding was on the agenda, and the parents of both parties also met in the box of a hotel under his arrangement.

I didn’t wait for my parents to speak, and the prospective mother -in -law gave me a bank card and said, "There are 200,000 in this card, so that Xiaoning did not get married and became pregnant. It was done by my Jiahua (my husband’s name).No, these money is the crime I have given you. "

I took the bank card shyly and showed a victory to my mother.

These days, she and my dad found me a lot of unmarried first pregnancy, and Cai Li was not abandoned by her mother -in -law.

Among them, what impressed me most was that a girl was pregnant. The man asked the colorful ceremony to press it again, and he also proposed five absurd conditions:

1. You can get married, but do not get a marriage certificate;

2. Gifts will be given, but after getting married, the woman must return all;

3. The wedding room belongs to the man and has nothing to do with the woman;

4 If divorce, the woman does not have the right to divide the property;

5. Finally, the man also said that if the man died, the house was owned by the man’s parents, and the woman had no right to divide the property.

It seems that my mother -in -law is so enlightened, and I don’t think I will have the same experience as the poor girl.


This meal eats well.

However, there is also a bad thing.

The wedding room prepared by her mother -in -law for her husband will only pay the house next year, so I can only live with his mother -in -law when I am married.

My mother knows that there will be many contradictions in living together, so she recommends that the child is removed first and let us get married first.

My mother also emphasized: "Ning Ning and Jiahua are still young, and they can be children if they get married. Moreover, after giving birth to children, they will spend a lot of money, and let them make a lot of money."

Most mother -in -law will be unhappy when he hear the words of his own family.

My mother -in -law did not.

She held my mother’s arm intimately and said, "I think my family is right, the children are still young, let them live a two -person world first. Now, the most important thing is to prepare for the wedding."

My mother thinks that my mother -in -law can think about me like this, it is not easy.

Suddenly, she gave birth to a lot of goodwill.


Although the child’s affairs are set, the wedding is still prepared.

My mother -in -law didn’t know my preferences. Every day I took my mother to go to the market to book hotels.

When my mother thought of taking me to the hospital, I was three months pregnant.

At this time, the child, although it was just a fertilized egg, but I already had feelings for him.

As a result, the child grew safely in my stomach.

My mother -in -law was distressed that I was pregnant and was still at work, so I asked me to resign and raise my fetus at home.

In a blink of an eye, I have been pregnant for more than 6 months, and my stomach has a big pot with a large basin, and people are more than forty pounds.My husband is a stupid pig.

I’m really angry. Every time my husband says me, I will quarrel with him and scold him without conscience.After all, I became like this to give him a child.

Whenever at this time, the mother -in -law who loves my mother -in -law said with a smile: "Then you eat less."

I also know that eating less is good for me. Every time I checked the doctor, I said that I had an excessive weight and had diabetes during pregnancy.

But in this month, eating less bite will feel wronged.

Moreover, as long as you are hungry, if you do n’t eat it immediately, your whole body will have no strength, and you ca n’t take it for a long time.

Therefore, my mother -in -law’s words will make me feel a little bit in my heart.

However, thinking of her careful care for me, I endured it.


But for a long time, I suddenly found a law.

As long as my husband and I quarrel, my mother -in -law will find excuses to cook late, or when she is about to dinner, she will say that she has something to go out and let me take a takeaway to make a meal.

This operation led me to be full of hunger during pregnancy.Sometimes, I am hungry so cramps.

When my husband and I told this matter, my husband always accused me of being sensible: "My mother serves you so hard, you still pick her problem, you will not have some snacks for yourself."

I had to complain to my mother, but my mother said, "How can the shadow of a person be so positive, and everyone has their own affairs.

I know they make sense, but I just feel wronged.


I was pregnant in October, and I finally unloaded.

On the day of giving birth, I planned to lose weight, travel and dinner.

But confinement defeated me.

I just finished the production, my whole body was sore, and I could only lie on the bed.

My mother -in -law helps me take care of my child every day, and gets up early to give me creamy catfish soup, nutritious black chicken soup …

But these are disasters for me.

Because although these things are nutritious, they are also greasy.Moreover, for the milk, the mother -in -law would not add a grain of salt inside.

After all the confinement, my mother -in -law chased behind my butt every day and asked me to breastfeed my child.

But she promised me at the beginning, so I made what I wanted to do, so I went to do whatever.

I was grieved with my mother, but my mother said, "There are a few moms who are as a mother, as ruthless as you, the child is only a month, so I go to work."

So I compromised again.

I don’t know if it is my compromise, which has promoted the mother -in -law’s anger.


If you don’t let me go to work, then our husband and wife can sleep in a room.

When I was confinement, my mother -in -law said, "Men sleep in a woman’s confinement room."

Husband had to sleep in the guest room.

But I got out of confinement, and she also said, "Jiahua goes to work every day, and now moves back to live with you. He will not sleep well at night. It is all a woman.

So my husband and I continued to separate.

My mother -in -law always told my husband: "You are a big man, how can you take care of the children and the mother?

But at night, when I fed the night milk, I called her to get up for the child to change the urine, and she never got up.

Over time, I boiled two black circles, and my face was also yellow.

This time, without me, my husband went to find my mother -in -law and let her work hard.

But her mother -in -law wiped tears and said to him, "I waited for her day and night, why was it wrong?"

This incident is not known.

I always thought in my heart, where did the enlightened good mother -in -law go?


In a blink of an eye, the child was one year old, and I was thinking about it again, and I could go to work.

In order to prepare for the workplace, I started to lose weight to add cosmetics.

When my mother -in -law saw it, she said to me at the dinner table: "Ning Ning, you don’t go to work, spend less money, it’s not easy for my son to make money."

My husband also followed.

Occasionally, my husband works overtime or entertains. When you do n’t come back to eat, your mother -in -law will boil porridge to eat pickles, or give me the leftovers the last night.

She kept Pua, and said, "Ning Ning, our women do not make money, they have to eat a little bit. If you do n’t feed now, you will eat less meat. In my era, the meat was tight.I eat men and children … "

But when her husband was at home, she kept holding my pork ribs and said, "Ning Ning, you take your child too hard, eat more, don’t be afraid of fat, wait for the child to grow up, you lose weight.

Looking at my mother -in -law’s two faces, I suddenly woke up, and she had always been like this.


Many times, I feel sighed that there is no camera at home, and I ca n’t record what my mother -in -law does.

The "good mother -in -law" in their mouths is like eating during meals. Someone wipes your mouth with a rag, so that you are nauseous but can’t pick out the problem.

My girlfriend always said that after I got married, it was like carrying Wuyun with me, giving people a sense of depression.

She also took me to do a psychological test.

The results showed that I was severely depressed, and the doctor also prescribed a pill for me.

When I went home with the report, my mother -in -law cried and said, "I am so careful to wait for you, and I still wait for the wrong me. I don’t live …"


Looking at my mother -in -law’s performance, I suddenly felt boring.

Moreover, I didn’t want to live in such a day, and I proposed a divorce.

My husband cried and wanted to keep me, but my mother -in -law said to me, "Divorce can, you can’t take your child away, go out and go home."

I looked at the son who was waiting to be fed in her arms, and my heart was broken.

However, I continued to live in this home, I am afraid that my ending would jump off the building with him.

So, I simply packed a few clothes and went to the Civil Affairs Bureau with my husband!

Tip: Don’t leave, tomorrow is the son’s perspective, there will be an ending of the story!

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