During pregnancy, my mother encountered a dilemma: I was sick or not erythromycin because of illness?

Today, my child is almost two and a half years old, but I still remember that during pregnancy, I was struggling with or not erythromycin because of illness.Even if the doctor suggested that I eat it, at the time, I was really daring during the medicine, for fear that there would be any problems with the fetus during pregnancy.All this has passed. Now that I have seen children grow up healthy and happy, I am really grateful.

During pregnancy

After three months of pregnancy, as a expectant mother, I suffered from mycoplasma pneumonia infection. The value in the inspection report was very high, which means that my condition is serious and need drug treatment.

At that time, I took the report to show the internal medicine doctors. The doctor said that it was necessary to give antibiotic treatment, but because of pregnancy, only Ronamycin was available.

I was pregnant for the first time, and I was very nervous. I was more concerned about eating in my belly. At that time, when I heard the words of antibiotics, my child and my dad were very scared and resistant.

I asked the doctor: "Does this drug affect the health of the fetus?"

The doctor said: "No one can be 100 % sure, but in the current clinical trials, there is no data that the fetal malformations are caused by taking this drug. The safety is very high …"

"Do I have to take medicine? Don’t take medicine, will my disease itself affect the fetus?"

"This is not allowed, but this check report shows that your condition is serious and need anti -inflammatory. I suggest you take medicine. If you do not need the medicine, it may affect the health of the fetus. Moreover, you keep coughing because of this disease.This also affects the health of yourself and the fetus. "

Care for medication during pregnancy

In the end, I obeyed the doctor’s advice and took Luo erythromycin on time. One month later, the condition healed.After taking the medicine, every time I go to the birth check, I am very nervous and scared. I always check the examination while watching the doctor’s expression, for fear that she will say something that is scared.Fortunately, everything went smoothly later.

To mothers: During pregnancy, mothers must take care of their bodies and avoid taking any drugs. If you need to take medicine, you must go to a regular hospital for examination. Under the guidance of a professional doctor, take the medicine on time and take the medicine on time.Review to ensure that the body returns to a healthy state.

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