During pregnancy, it is a pig feed, which is fat for more than 60 pounds in 8 months?

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Seriously, have you escaped the curse of getting fat during pregnancy?

Sorry, Bad Bad Mom asked about such a privacy question ~ But it seems that no matter how different the tastes and dietary rules of the expectant mothers during pregnancy are different, the result of "gaining fat" seems surprisingly consistent!Of course, even if your body before pregnancy is thinner and usually eats less, the weight of the fetus is not very heavy, but your weight is still soaring!

Keke, don’t be trapped in self -doubts, and look at the sisters who "get blessings" with you, the answer naturally has!

@: 165 height, weighing less than 100, usually between 96-98.The first three months of pregnancy grow 20 pounds, which is the kind of body, because I have not known that I am pregnant for more than six months.On the day of the production, 138 catties was born, 118 pounds were discharged from the hospital for seven days, and the child was 108 pounds in full month. After weaning, the weight was restored to 98 ~ It was strange. I did n’t have any idea of ​​weight loss.Intersection

@: Before pregnancy, weighed 152 catties and 168 height. It is a prone to fat. The doctor said that he should control the weight and worry about the high risk of pregnancy. Eat a staple food, I lost 15 pounds a month, now 39+6 in pregnancy, weighing 153 pounds ~

@小: 105 before pregnancy, 147 before giving birth to a baby, 128 after giving birth to a baby. After that, you will not change or eat, or eat it. It lasts for a year.In the future, I do n’t have ketone, mainly because I ca n’t eat too much pain, but I will continue to fall. A total of 20 pounds will be lost. I do n’t want to reduce it in recent months.

@: I am 167, 108 before pregnancy, 150 on the day of birth, and we call 137 on the day of birth. No one cares about eating in the confinement.All kinds of supplements have grown to 125. These five or six years have been tossed to lose weight. It is useless, card!

@Lilly: Drinking water is fat, 1 child is 100 to 172, and the second child is 100 to 164. Now 110 times can not go!

@: I just gave birth to a baby for a month, 100 pounds before pregnancy, and 115 in the middle of pregnancy. When I was about to give birth, I was still 5 pounds. I was worried about the baby’s weight.On the third day, it was 100 pounds in the hospital. Now I have just got out of confinement. I called it 94 pounds.Mainly with the baby too hard, I didn’t expect it to be so fast. My colleagues said that I was envious of me, hahahaha ~

@Chocolate Crispy: 96 others said that they looked like 90 pounds. They grew to 146, and they loved sweets. Every time the doctor, the doctor would say that I had to control the weight and not to eat too much, but she was hungry.The confinement 126, the breast milk is naturally thin at 116, and the accident is that the second child is fat and returns to 148. Now the second treasure is 4 years old, 118!During the epidemic, I was still thinner at home. Previously 122 ~

@Tracy: 105 before pregnancy, 168 before birth.After giving birth to a baby 148.Then opened the road of maternity leave to lose weight, now around 110.The belly can’t be flattened, the buttocks are big, sad!

In the end, did the sisters break the curse of "getting fat during pregnancy"?In addition, how do you lose weight after giving birth?Welcome to share with successful experience, online, etc., very anxious!

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