During pregnancy, I am uncomfortable. The expectant mothers do these 5 points, so that you and your baby are less sick.

When you are pregnant and bringing your baby, you are a very painful thing for mothers, especially for expectant mothers who are pregnant -the burden on life is already very heavy, and the illness will not only make the expectant mothers uncomfortable.It will also bring potential danger to the baby in the stomach.Although the following measures cannot be guaranteed to not be sick, it can help you and your children do not get as much as possible and less sick.

First, strengthen your immunity.Specific mothers should try to ensure a healthy diet as much as possible, ensure that she gets sufficient sleep and exercise, and pay attention to personal hygiene.Reduce the pressure in life as much as possible, so that the immune system can maintain efficient operation and effectively resist the disease.At the same time, pay attention to safe diet, do not eat expired, metamorphic foods, and properly store foods to avoid foods from becoming a source of virus infection.

Second, try to avoid direct contact with patients.Stay away from patients with cold, influenza, enteritis, and obvious symptoms of other diseases.When taking the subway or buses, expectant mothers try to wear a protective mask.If you find that someone around you coughs, complain of his sore throat, or a friend appears nasal congestion, no matter where you are, try to stay away from them, let alone shake hands with them.In normal times, pay attention to try not to crowd the noisy indoor space.

Third, you must develop a good habit of washing your hands.In life, many diseases are easily infected with both hands.Therefore, it is necessary to use warm water and soap to completely wash your hands, and you have a lot of time to wash your hands.After meals, after contacting patients, going to public places, and taking public transportation such as subway buses, we should wash your hands carefully.Here is a trick that develops the habit of washing hands: put some cleaner and other cleaners in the desk or bags, so that you will remember to wash your hands as soon as you see them.

Fourth, avoid bacterial infection between family members.If a family member is sick, try to adopt a meal system while eating, and do not use a cup.Every sick baby is eager to get his mother’s kiss and hug, and the parents must wash their hands and wash their faces after contacting the baby.If you touch towels and toilet paper with bacteria with both hands, then remember to wash your hands before touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.And toiletries must also be limited to personal use. For example, toothbrushes must not be shared, and it is best not to put them together.

Fifth, if you have pets in your home, you must be more diligent.To ensure the health of pets, take them to various vaccines in time.Remember to wash your hands after taking pet food or basin.If a cat is raised in the family, try to clean up cat litter as much as possible, and be sure to clean up in time.

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