During pregnancy, give me two gifts for bow yoga

I am an elderly mother, and I have more than ten years of problems (I have seen many doctors, and the doctor’s conclusion is to cure the standards).So when I first knew that I was pregnant, I was worried in addition to being happy and worried whether my body could bear it.

I have been practicing with bow yoga for a long time. Because in the past life, Teacher Yali often gave me the guidance in my life and let me think about it, so I told her my doubts.

After communicating with Teacher Yali, I chose to believe my body.And repeatedly decided to continue the previous online course practice.

So I have never stopped in each period of the bow yoga online course practice, and Teacher Dandan will often encourage me.

Exercise during pregnancy will give you another experience.During the practice throughout pregnancy, I have more patience and persistence than before.In addition to being responsible for your body, this patience and persistence are more about making an example for your baby.

Sure enough, I didn’t expect it. During my pregnancy, I was influenced by hormones during pregnancy. The pain in my pelvis band was more violent earlier than conventions.In the early pregnancy, I couldn’t turn over because of the pain of the pelvis.

Coincidentally, the "joint healing" section was launched online.I practice myself every day+I practice with the teachers. During the practice, I learned the concept of the "common axis" very clearly. I experienced the integration of legs and pelvis, and felt the stability of the entire lower limbs.

This is this stable sense of connection that makes me unable to turn over from early pregnancy to the third trimester and I can turn over and be free. Occasionally, I can dance a belly and dance.

I often tease everyone that this course not only made me exercise my body, but also healed my pelvic band.Now 33W+, has entered the third trimester.It ’s really more powerful than before, but I am still walking, and the movement is agile. I also trot for a while in a hurry. I also shared the yoga exercises during pregnancy in the confinement center.

I did not have constipation throughout my pregnancy, which was simply happy to heaven.Especially the section of the "enhancement of the breath", the number of defecations daily reaches 3-4 times.This kind of happiness, without the need to say, everyone can experience it.Whatever the limb edema does not happen to me during this pregnancy.

Practice with your baby every day, and classing together is a wonderful thing.During the self -practice, she was quiet and practiced with the teacher’s video class, and she seemed to be familiar with the voice of the teachers, and she would also hold her feet.The baby’s biological clock is particularly on time. I will kick my stomach around 6 o’clock every morning. I urge me to get up and follow the lesson 6:50 lessons.

Bow yoga gave me a healthy body and a special prenatal education during pregnancy.

I just learned that pregnancy was anxious after excitement.

I have been married to my husband for more than ten years. I have been used to the living model of two people. Suddenly, I have to become a 2+1+2 life mode. There are even 3 generations of thoughts at home. Thinking of these is worry and fear.

Teachers often say that life will also give you a gift when challenging you.Perhaps my baby gave me a strength, so that when I was coming, I had more courage to face myself, and saw my narrow side in various relationships.

Relax every day to admit that the process of "narrow" is painful, like cramp peeling, want to escape, want to give up.But when I thought of my baby, I had more courage and calmness, which was more motivated than in the past.Sure enough, I took a small step on the road of emotional growth.

From the beginning to the expectations of later, I hope for the new life model.Children are the most precious gifts in our lives. She came to our lives to help us grow and mature.

It is happy to learn the "Emotional Emotional" course with Teacher Yali, which is also the soul of bow yoga.The motivation for my growth comes from "the power of example".With such a brave mother, I believe my baby must be a "brave little tiger"

The bow yoga team is like my mother’s house. It not only nourishes my body, but also has my spirit, but also taught me how to establish my own values.Let me learn to walk forward from a creeper.

Bow yoga welcomes you to join.

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