During pregnancy, DHA is essential. For the health of the baby, these foods should be eaten more

Some people do not know what DHA is, so in the clouds in the clouds.DHA is a thing that helps children better absorb nutrients during the pregnancy. DHA can help the fetus’s brain develop better, that is, to make the fetus develop healthier.In addition, DHA not only has a positive impact on the fetus on pregnant women.DHA can help pregnant women and fetuses develop better. When the mother consumes DHA elements, the fetal brain and visual nerves will be better developed.

When many pregnant women go to the mother and baby consultation office, will they be asked if they want to supplement DHA? At the same time, many mother and infant workers are often asked about this question. Do pregnant women need to supplement DHA?

A lot of women will follow the nutritional intake of the body when preparing for pregnancy. The impact of folic acid on pregnancy is very important, so many pregnant women will supplement vitamins and folic acid during pregnancy.However, few people know the importance of DHA, because everyone knows very little about DHA. Under the statement issued by some scientific research, the importance of DHA on pregnant women has been proposed.

There are many powerful evidence that can confirm the importance of taking DHA during pregnancy and breast milk.According to scientific research, ingesting DHA before the age of the baby can help the baby enhance the number and activity of the hippocampus in the brain, make the baby smarter, have a good memory and learning ability, and DHA is very easy to absorb.

Therefore, when the mother takes DHA during pregnancy or during breastfeeding, the child can also get DHA.According to relevant experts, pregnant women and mothers of breastfeeding should consume 200 milligrams of DHA to meet daily digestion and absorption.

What is the source of DHA?

Some deep -sea fish are rich in DHA, so they should eat deep sea fish once a day, or eat one egg every day.Some people want to ask, why do you have to eat deep sea fish, do you not eat ordinary sea fish? Because the current environmental pollution is serious, only deep -sea fish have not received pollution.

There are some metal material mercury in the general sea fish. Too much mercury consumption will affect the fetus, so it is recommended to eat some sandwiches and sardines.At the same time, you can also choose some milk powder containing DHA or mother to eat some DHA capsules, which can also solve this problem well.

However, in general, eating breast milk can solve this problem well, because breast milk contains a variety of nutrients, and people who drink breast milk can enhance the baby’s physical resistance and defense ability.

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