During pregnancy, can different symptoms distinguish between children?Listen to what netizens say

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When I knew that I was pregnant, Baoma especially wanted to know whether they were pregnant with boys or girls. They would read a lot of books about children. Thinking about what the child was the boy’s name, what the girl was called.

But how can I know that they are pregnant with a boy or a girl first?Many Baoma will look at some of the inferences on the Internet to judge, such as "Sour Sour Girl", "Female Beauty, Male Ugly Mother", "Sub -abdomen tip, female abdomen round", "fast fetal heart rate is a male is a male is a maleThese symptoms of pregnancy are judged, but are these statements reliable?

Some of the online remarks have also been circulated after many years. When you say that everyone believes it, but does it really have scientific basis?Is the symptoms of nostalgia and girls really so big?Or is it just the psychological effect of the mothers?Listen to what netizens say.

@老: I especially like to eat sour when I am pregnant with the boss. As the saying goes: sour girl, I think it must be a son, and it is the boy.When I was in Huai Erwa, I especially hope that it was a girl. I still like to eat sour. I thought it would be a boy. As a result, she was born with a daughter and was happy.

@: People say that the abdomen is sharp and the female abdomen is round. My daughter -in -law is round when she is pregnant, and I do n’t know what the sharp belly looks like. Anyway, my daughter -in -law gave me a big fat boy.proud.

@: At that time, after reading an article, I said: If the daughter is born, the skin will get better and better, the skin of a boy will be worse, and the face will be spots. At that timeThe boy’s boy would be like this. As a result, he was born with a daughter, but he did not see that the skin became better.

@: I have never believed in those remarks on the Internet, thinking that those statements are just a psychological sustenance for pregnant women, so that the mother’s heart is more peaceful. Otherwise, it is suspicious all day.The fetus is not good.

After reading the messages of netizens, I just wanted to advise you Bao Ma: The rumor stops at the wise.In fact, the child is not as important as before, a male or female for parents. Boys and girls are the same as baby at home. They just have some joy for parents to place them now. They will care about some online remarks about children.

Whether it is a boy or a girl, it is your baby in October.It is understandable to know whether it is a boy or a girl earlier, but there is no need to take the online remarks too much.

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Do you have any interesting things when you are pregnant with your baby?Welcome to share a message.

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