During pregnancy, because of my mother -in -law, I killed my child. Will this marriage continue?

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Question: I love hello, I am 29 years old, 164cm, college; husband 29 years old, 173cm, high school, we have been married for more than half a year.Before the marriage, the mother -in -law promised to give up the room Chao South. Later, I regretted it. I hid my parents and then got married.

After getting married, I have been unhappy and often conflict with my mother -in -law.My mother -in -law said why I was washing clothes again today. I thought I wasted water. My husband didn’t speak for me, and I was sad.

My husband and I had a shelf. My mother -in -law and husband’s sister listened in the room and we played in the room.At that time, I was particularly scared and felt that he would die. Although he admitted it later, I had no trauma, but had a psychological shadow.

After that, my mother -in -law did all kinds of work at home. I also did not want to let me. I stunned. Later, there was a conflict between corner. My mother -in -law first started. I couldn’t do it. I was reluctant and smashed the TV at home.

Later, my parents knew it, and the theory came to my in -laws.After that, the relatives of the husband persuaded me and my husband to move out, and the husband moved away, and his parents also changed the door lock.

Now we live in separation, and when my mother -in -law was made during pregnancy, I killed the child.My husband and I live in life and have less spiritual communication. I feel that sometimes I don’t understand what I say.Do I have to divorce in this case?But now his parents do not give the hukou book.

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After watching your chat history, I think it is a terrible car accident scene.At first you conceal your parents, forcibly getting married, and then living a feathers after marriage. All the people and horses are on the court, and your mouth is moving again. What do you think of this marriage?It is estimated that you have given birth to a child in the future, and you still perform martial arts at home every day. Parents finished, mother -in -law played, and finally played with them. Kung Fu was more powerful than Ye Wen.

Do you want to divorce now?However, I want to remind you: Do you want to know what you want?What was the reason why your parents marry and he got married, is it still there now?

In addition, you also need to reflect on your ability to communicate and manage conflict.Either the life is not the same, and clean up the burden; if you want to live it, don’t condemn and satire your husband.

His noisy, noisy, and fighting, is this life meaningful?You always let your husband reflect on, so why don’t you reflect on your own problem?

Life always means that it is easy for others to do well.

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