During pregnancy, 4 parts of pregnant mothers will turn black, and it is difficult to retreat after production

Throughout pregnancy, with the changes in hormones, women during pregnancy will change greatly during pregnancy, not only on the external shape, psychological, but also changes in the skin.Many mothers don’t care too much, and one of the parts may never fade away.

First: Areos

Many women’s areolas are relatively dark now, so due to the impact of hormone levels throughout pregnancy, many expectant mothers may not care too much. At most, they will feel that their areolas become larger.However, for a few expectant mothers with very pink areolas of women, they will clearly feel that their areola becomes black, and it will become much larger. Even after one or two years, the areola is still black, and it will not change.Back to the original pink areola.

Second: Under armpit

Under the chest armpit is a lymphatic place. Generally, the armpit is a healthy barometer on the chest. The garbage toxin on the chest is often discharged through the underarm lymph.When the whole pregnancy and breastfeeding period are the most obvious, the more they reach the late pregnancy, some expectant mothers will find that they seem to have a lot of flesh under their armpits.The accumulation of fat, on the other hand, is due to the changes in the level of body hormone throughout pregnancy, which blocks underarms lymphatic.Women who are breastfeeding are the same. If the chest is blocked, if you look at the underarm lymphatic, you will find that the underarm lymph is bulging, and sometimes it will feel pain when pressing it.

Third: belly

It is often found that many women are inherently white, but after production, there is no way to opposite the belly with other parts. The belly is relatively dark, and many women have a pregnancy line.After delivery, it will disappear by itself, and the slower disappear should be after 2 to 3 years.

Fourth: The root of the thigh

The root of the thigh refers to the parts of the lymph and groin lymph, which is the inner side of the thighs. Many women’s melanin is still here after the production of women. On the one hand, it is caused by hormone levels.The lymphs in the two are not so unobstructed, so some toxins and garbage have been blocked here for a long time. Over time, pigmentation is more serious.

These four parts are parts where the entire woman is more likely to have pigmented parts during pregnancy. Many women almost care about it. At most, they only find that their belly and underarms are darker.Attention is that most of them are at the lymphatic area. Lymphical is also a detoxification channel for the human body. It cannot be blocked for a long time and is not good for the body.

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