During my wife’s pregnancy, the female colleague confessed to me, I didn’t refuse

The reader’s letter said:

My wife and I were college classmates. During my junior internship, we worked in the same company. At that time, my wife just took the initiative to break up because of her ex -boyfriend’s cheating.Love.After college life, my wife entered a large company to work, and I continued to work in private companies. Our love was naturally strongly opposed by my parents -in -law, and I was not optimistic about this relationship (mainly because I was not confident), but my wifeThe determination to not marry me not only allows my parents to accept and recognize me, but also let me regain my confidence in future life.

Looking at many cases that work well in private companies, I warned myself that I would also be a successful career. To this end, I paid more effort than ordinary people in my work, so that I could be able to be able to be able to be in the work.While achieving self -worth, the income is the same as the same formal work as my wife.My efforts were slightly effective after a few months: the boss called me to his office alone to praise me, and transferred me to the company’s most fragrant sales department and appointed me as the second leader of the department.

My boss is a very capable woman. According to the gossip, when she was in her twenties, she had given a rich man with a child with a child. Later, their feelings could not be done. In these years, she was a one.People bring their children and live well.My female boss and I have a happy cooperation. She also taught me a lot of things. Out of gratitude, I occasionally invited her to dinner. Gradually, we are not only good partners at work, but also good buddies in life.Sometimes on holidays, I am afraid of her lonely and call her and her children to come to my house for dinner.

Until one day, my wife asked me seriously: Do you like your female boss?Me: How is it possible, we are just good friends.My wife said that you should keep a distance with her because she has fallen in love with you.I thought my wife was careful and didn’t care too much, but a few days later, my wife was said to be, because of a drunk night, the female boss decisively confessed to me.Although I explicitly rejected her and even intended to stay away from her, she was not discouraged. She always found a lot of excuses to work with me alone.During my wife’s pregnancy, I failed to stick to the loyalty of my marriage. Under the many times of the female boss, we two crossed the Lei Chi, but I soberly knew that I could not divorce any woman with my wife.

The days of ghosts are always fresh and greedy, but they often pay for their own behavior, because the female boss and my chat text message are seen by my wife, and my wife is sad.My wife originally wanted to divorce immediately after abortion, but the abortion was stopped by a doctor, and his wife could only wait for the child to be born with a scalp, and threatened that after the child was born, he divorced me.Today, my wife has moved back to my mother’s house. My phone and text messages have been ignored by my wife. Even if I visit the door, my wife also pretended to be very tired. I couldn’t say a few words to me, so I hid in the bedroom.I really regret it, and I can guarantee that I will return to my superior relationship with the female boss, but what should I do to get my wife’s forgiveness?

Muzi Li Emotional Analysis:

Sometimes I need to look at the details, so I did not reveal your derailment by your wife’s derailment by virtue of your wife. Your wife did not really determine to divorce your divorce (every time you go to your father -in -law’s house to see your wife, your wifeHe will also say something to you, but not much words), your wife is now indifferent to you because it will be difficult to accept your derailment reality, and you can only install indifference in frontWhen she was alone, was she in a state of tears?In the current situation, what you should do most is a complete break with your female boss, and then go to your wife’s house while your work is leisurely.My wife forgives your results.

There are two common men in life. One is to forgive my wife after making mistakes and read the value of their own. After being forgiven, the other person feels that his wife is bullying.It was inch.I hope you are the kind of person who eats one and one wisdom.Don’t be ashamed of your wife’s dedication in the marriage relationship, and don’t be ashamed of your conscience.When it’s okay, think about what you work so hard now, and keep in mind why your wife chose to marry you at the beginning.To tell the truth, for women, children are the real fenglai in their lives.Because of the suffering of pregnancy and the birth of a child, it will make women present instinctively care when facing the child, and she will also bear some grievances that she can not bear for the child.

People live for a lifetime, rely on what spiritual support, and feel that life is running and meaningful: when you go to school, the belief in your heart is to study well to have a good life, and you can make your parents happy; after getting married and having children,I will feel that I should be a competent parent, at least to maximize their potential at work, and then strive for a worry -free food and food for the growth of the child; after retirement, I still want to help the children bring their children.Maybe people are interpreting heritage in this life, and in the process, they have tasted too much joy and sorrow related to life.Although I sometimes encounter some troubles, I think I still have a lot of things that I need to do, and I can only carry my scalp to the unhappy things.

More often, people will feel that people live for a lifetime, but they are not living for themselves, but whenever they see their children, happy lovers, happy parents, they will feel that everything they do every day is worth it.Occasionally, we will feel more anxious in comparison, and occasionally when emotional is low, we also feel that the world is not worth it.But those anxiety and not worth it are just short -lived clips in life. More often, we will work harder at work in order to achieve short -term small goals.To this end, people must set up some short -term small goals and work hard for themselves for this life. Only in this way can I feel that life is very fulfilling.

There are often scenes in life: walking on the road, seeing those who are running, I can’t help but touch their own belly, and sigh, should I lose weight, the key is to pay the actual action?Or occasionally passing by the reading hall and seeing those who read carefully in the library, they will feel that their lives are more fulfilling. In fact, you can also be like them, but you choose to buy drunk with your friends, or in your lover, or in your loverSurprove with the opposite sex outside the wedding.In an adult world, if you want to be a superior, you need the lack of ability, personality, family, hard work, opportunities, opportunities, and dedication. Before you become successful people, you need to cultivate more.

When you are together, you often mention a word: pattern.What I want to say is: The situation that should be at the end is definitely not attending some non -nutritional gatherings, letting yourself drink drunk; nor do you think about the opposite sex eyebrows with extramaritals all day.With lovers doing housework, so that they can insist on physical exercise and draw time to read some useful books that are useful for them every day.In the era of fragmentation information, everyone is increasingly disliked to read the so -called long story. In fact, looking at the so -called long story, at some point, they can also help themselves sink, rather than in some fragments of anxiety.I became more and more impetuous.

Editor’s words:

The relationship between husband and wife may show vigorously during the childhood when he got married and the child was in elementary school, but the relationship during this period was often a little unstable, or because of the impetuousness of the human heart, or because of the immature marriage and love.During this period, we must play the viscosity of love to resist the temptation of the outside world.During this period, the scenes that are uncomfortable between husband and wife will definitely appear. Tolerance and forbearance are the best gestures.

With the child’s school, he has more hearts, and the burden on your shoulders will become heavier during the period. Especially after the parents are 60 years old, their mentality will change a lot. At this time, they will beMore energy is used on parents and children, and there is no leisureness to provoke the opposite sex outside the marriage.For this reason, when your emotions are low, you must learn to adjust your emotions. Do not do betrayal of marriage at this time.

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