During my wife’s pregnancy, if the husband did these things, most of the things were "not required"

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It is said that women like to turn over the old account when they quarrel, especially during pregnancy. After all, pregnancy is a sensitive period for women. At this time, women are often irritable and moody.At this time, it is also the most critical period for a woman to marry well.

Xue Yuying is a mother who has just given birth to a child. She should be happy and happy, but now she wants to divorce for 2 months.As soon as I asked, she was two months after pregnancy and after giving birth.Xue Yuying said that since her pregnancy, when she first knew that she had conceived her child, her husband was very happy, but after some reactions during the pregnancy, he always lost his temper for no reason.After a few temper, the husband even said, "I am pregnant, what is pretty? Others have children, and I do n’t have like you.”Xue Yuying said that she wanted to remove the child at that time, but then she didn’t care about it.But later, when Xue Yuying was about to come to the basin, her husband even ran to the province to attend the wedding, and did not take herself at all.Xue Yuying, who was discouraged, was desperate to divorce.

In fact, many netizens also said that their grievances during pregnancy are never forgotten.It is also because of the instability of the body hormone during pregnancy and the hormone cliff -like decline in the body after childbirth. At this time, when the husband should have cared more, if the husband did not do well at this time, he would leave deep scars on the maternal psychology.Husband’s non -physical stickers are also the most important cause of postpartum depression.If the husband did not do the following things, the woman was not wrong.

1. Destruction during pregnancy

Local derailment is also an unforgivable thing in marriage, let alone doing derailment when his wife is pregnant.Many people also quibble that because the wife cannot meet the basic needs of her husband during pregnancy, all the physical derailment is worthy of forgiveness. This is really moral remarks.A person can’t even take care of his wife during pregnancy, what else is worthy of forgiveness!

2. Always want to have the same room

During my wife’s pregnancy, her husband will have the same room because of physical needs, but if the husband is putting forward these requirements too often, and without worrying about his wife’s body, it will be wrong.During pregnancy, it is not impossible to have the same room, but there is restrictions on the time period of the same room, and it should not be too frequent. Therefore, those men who always ask for the same room and be rejected after being rejected are unforgivable.

3. Smoking and drinking without avoiding his wife

Before the wife is pregnant, the husband should quit smoking to ensure the quality of the child, but some husbands smoke again after the wife is pregnant. At this time, if the husband smokes outside, he will be a thoughtful husband.However, some husbands smoke at home and are disgusted by their pregnant wives, and let their wives go farther, which is really difficult to accept.

4. I feel that my wife is more troubled after pregnancy

After a woman’s pregnancy, due to changes in the body and psychological changes during pregnancy, sometimes they cannot control their emotions, and they will be more emotional.At this time, it should be the time when the husband is always soothing. If the husband at this time not only does not soothe, he also dislikes his wife’s affairs. He is really an extremely considerate person.

5. The entertainment is not reduced, it is always not at home

Women during pregnancy, especially after the month, many things are not reluctant, especially when they need to bend over.At this time, if the husband continues to entertain, especially to attend those unnecessary gatherings, it really makes pregnancy feel cold!

The above behaviors are difficult for many women to accept and feel extremely sad.Therefore, men are advised to learn lessons and do not do things that irreversible.Women pregnant and having children are a hard work. At this time, women’s psychology is also very fragile and sensitive.May all men in the world find these changes in their wives and make it a catalyst for pregnant children to have children.

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