During my pregnancy, I heard that many skin care products cannot be used. How can I choose skin care products?

Hello, everyone, I am your good friend to become beautiful. The topic I want to talk to you today is that I was pregnant during pregnancy. I heard that many skin care products cannot be used. How do I choose skin care products?Not much nonsense, let’s go directly to dry goods.

1. Many expectant mothers are afraid that the ingredients in skin care products have a bad impact on the baby, so they "say goodbye" most of the skin care products, and even the expectant mother did not need any skin care products after washing her face.In fact, this is a bit worn. Skin care products do not have much taboos during pregnancy, and you don’t need to stop all skin care products because of pregnancy.

2. Many expectant mothers suspect that "the skin becomes black after pregnancy" is caused by skin care products.But the reason for turning black is not skin care products, but hormones.Change hormone changes during pregnancy can lead to pigmentation, stretch marks, hair changes, vascular changes, and skin hyperplasia, which is normal.Almost 90%of women will change the pigment during pregnancy.Don’t worry too much, some will recover after production.

3. There is an ingredient that has a clear inflammation effect, which is absolutely avoided by pregnant women -vitamin A.

However, this ingredients must not be available in Chinese specifications, and those who have it are generally drugs.Therefore, as long as you buy regular skin care products, don’t worry.

4. You may also hear that "anti -wrinkle -based A -alcoholic products will be converted into vitamin A acid and cannot be used."

In fact, it is not necessary to avoid it strictly, because the concentration of vitamin A alcohol in skin care products is very low. Most of them are between 0.1-0.5%. The amount of skin absorption is very small.

If you continue to use vitanol products below 0.3%concentration on the face for a long time, it is in line with the EU’s security standards.

5. You may also hear that "the salicylic acid of acne removal also affects the development of the fetus", but in fact, it has insufficient evidence that affects human fetal development. Because of the restrictions on medical ethics, there is no relevant human experiment to verify its pair of pairs.The impact of fetal development.

The use of salicylic acid is "used with caution" rather than "disable", which can be used for acne treatment during pregnancy. If you are not assured, just ask the doctor to use it again.

6. Let’s talk about sunscreen, I suggest you choose physical sunscreen+umbrella to wear a hat instead of chemical sunscreen.Because some chemical sunscreens may have bigrazone-3, camphor chemical sunscreens such as 3-sub-gray-prone camphor, these ingredients are clearly not good for the human body. Although they have been banned by some countries and regions, Haitao channels are already disabled, but Haitao channels are already disabled, but Haitao channels are already disabled, but Haitao channels are already disabled.It is still possible to "recruit".

If you are not good at looking at the formula, it is recommended that the logo is "pure physical sunscreen" directly, and the sunscreen will only have titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which will be safer.If your sunscreen is only applied to the face instead of the whole body wipe, then you don’t have to trouble it for the above problems, because the amount of face is only one yuan coins, and it will not have a clear impact on the fetus.

7. All skin care products should pay attention to the preservatives in the formula, and avoid Nepalese golden ester and phenoxyhol.

Nepalese album -based preservatives are generally "hydroxyzylxed" in the formula, such as hydroxybenzo ester, hydroxybenzyl, and pheeibyl benzoate, and so on.They are irritating to the skin, not only pregnant women, but also skin care products under the age of 3 to avoid these ingredients.

If you don’t know how to look at the formula, choose the most secure skin care products with preservatives.

Well, I will share here today. I will share practical and beautiful tricks from time to time. If you like me, follow me.

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