Due to the infertility due to obesity, when I was pregnant for one year, I finally ushered in my baby.

For one year for pregnancy, the six testosterone in querying hormones is high, which is said to be Kaohsiung and suspects the polycystic ovary.So embark on the road of hard work.

At first I didn’t understand what PCOS was, and there was no pregnancy plan. I encountered a very perfunctory doctor. After checking the hormone, the testosterone was high, and it was directly reducing hormone for three months.Normally, after a long time after a review, it is still Kaohsiung. In addition, the FSH/LH is also greater than 2. The B -ultrasound said that the bilateral follicles are greater than 10.Therefore, you ca n’t take hormone medicines easily. Ask clearly, it is best to find a reliable doctor, otherwise the more you eat.

It was not until the marriage was ready to realize that the polycystic affects the ovulation, so he embarked on the road of supervision.The focus of drawing here is that the monitoring is really the best way for the duke sisters, which is much better than using the test strip.Because I often measured the strong yang with test strips in the early stage, but I have been strong yang, but I do n’t know if there are obstacles. Even after the strong yang, even if the psychological effects have faded, even if the test strips are faded.In addition, the supervisor must be monitored to the follicle discharge. For two months, I tested the follicle maturity. According to the doctor’s suggestion, the arrangement was arranged.Excess.

In addition, sisters must raise eggs, and black bean soybean moxibustion feet are really good.I spent 5,000 yuan to buy one -on -one breeding guidance. In fact, it is nothing more than to tell me what to eat for eaten and how to match food, so sisters may wish to search for food that facilitates eggs and adjust their diet reasonably.You can drink soy milk or cook beans directly before menstruation.

For fat polycysts, jogging and swimming are the best ways to exercise. May wish to be ruthless and persist.In addition, after monitoring follicles or strong test strips, skipping rope is really very effective.I did not discharge a puffy promotion at that time, but I skipped a thousand at night, and it really discharged it immediately.The sisters who want the eggs as soon as possible can try it, but it must be counted. One hundred and two hundred is useless.

Another important thing is not to stay up late and ensure sufficient sleep.It is also said that I want to relax, but I have been under great pressure since I prepared for pregnancy, and I have not been really relaxed.But it is important to emphasize that the love of each other in the same room is important.I have always heard that who has been pregnant for a long time. I have to give up to make up for a honeymoon trip and come back. Now I think it makes sense.We have been arranged six times in total. Each time we are done according to the doctor’s instructions to complete the task. Only the last time, it was arranged on Sunday night, but on Sunday morning, they woke up very much.I have a scruple that the doctor’s guidance may be at night, and the morning may be too early. My husband said that now he thinks about him, we will arrange it once with a lot of relaxation. Of course, this time after the assholeThe method of gestation is because I think that method may not be suitable for me.It is normal to flow a bit properly. Don’t worry too much, there are always excellent in.After the arrangement, I went to monitor on Monday and had been discharged.The winning this time was created by this relaxed love on Sunday morning.

On the eleventh day after ovulation, David can be used to measure the gray seal. On the thirteenth day of the powder seal, I went to the hospital official to declare it. I couldn’t believe it.However, after pregnancy, I still talk about it every day, worried that HCG has doubled, and David has not deepened his heart in the past few days.

Continue to relax to ourselves, the baby is our fate.I want to encourage the sisters on the road of pregnancy and birth baby, understand each of you and every me, and understand everyone’s mood and dedication. This road is full of bitter worries, but there are also joy and happiness. Let us fully do it.Be a good mother’s preparation, and always prepare to meet the baby who belongs. God will definitely choose the baby that suits us. Get it to us at the right time and grab us tightly, because we all have the right to be our mother’s right to be the right to be our mother.All will feel the happiness of mother.come on


At 5 weeks of pregnancy, blood drawing, HCG doubled, and progesterone dropped from 20 to 12, very worried.The doctor opened progesterone and hoped to make up.

Tip: Don’t exercise too much in the early pregnancy. I took 1 to 20,000 steps for five consecutive days. Although there were no abdominal pain and bleeding symptoms, I felt tired. I do n’t know if this has something to do.

I may have lack of luteal function, so the progesterone is low, and the prayer is back, the baby must be strong.

Baby Scale-(24inch)