Dry!The cat at home is pregnant, and the shovel officer’s behavior manual is here, it is recommended to collect it

At the same time, two or more non -sterilized and heterosexual cat families must have such a problem, that is, what to do if the cat accidentally get pregnant.In fact, this is not a problem. Today, I will help everyone to think smoothly to avoid having trouble when encountering such problems.

If it is a family cat house or a similar breeding family, it is definitely not a matter, and it’s too late to be happy.But if the cat’s pregnancy is unexpected by the shoveling officer, the first question to consider is whether the mother cat should be produced.If for some reason, the shoveling officer does not want the mother cat to produce, then they can take the pet hospital for sterilization as soon as possible.Because cats such as cats are first fertilized and ovulation, the shoveling officers do not need to worry about it that it will hurt their little baby.If you decide to make female cats produce, then you must start preparing as soon as possible.

Family cats have three months of pregnancy. In these three months, female cats need to supplement various nutrients. One is to ensure that the body has enough nutrients to supply kittens, and the other is to prepare for breastfeeding after production.Especially for the first time of pregnancy, the meow mother usually has a large number of tires, about three to five, so be sure to ensure the nutrition of the cat mother.In addition to daily diet, you can feed some nutrients such as vitamins and calcium tablets for cats, but you must pay attention to never excessive amounts. Excessive obesity may cause adverse consequences such as difficulty.

When the pregnancy is about to end, the shoveling officials need to prepare a suitable production room for the cat mother.Under normal circumstances, cats will find places suitable for production, such as wardrobes or bed bottoms. At this time, shovel officers need to be artificially interfered, prepare professional pet production rooms, or use soft old clothes to make a cat for your cat.nest.One of the necessary conditions for the delivery room is to keep warm. It is the same in winter or summer. Because newborn resistance is weak, we must pay attention to this.

If you find that your cat starts around you, keep screaming, and show some irritable phenomenon, then you have to prepare to give birth to her.Cats are usually produced in the middle of the night or early in the morning, and the contraction phenomenon will begin around the evening, so when the shovel officer needs to give her enough attention when they see that the above situation appears, prepare sufficient water to prepare for preparations for preparations.In a good delivery room, ready to welcome newborns at any time.

Regarding the cat childbirth, the shoveling officers do not need to worry about it. Cats usually take care of themselves and cubs very well. As long as the shoveling officer does not disturb, pay close attention to the cat’s behavior.EssenceThere are several precautions: 1. Cats will bite the umbilical cord and eat the placenta after giving birth. The shoveling officers need to pay attention. Do not let the cat mother eat too much, otherwise it is prone to diarrhea.2. If the cats at home do not have enough trust in you, please do not touch its cubs, otherwise it is likely that the possibility of cubs being abandoned by female cats will appear.3. The kitten will not defecate when it is born. If you find that the female cat does not lick the outer genitals that stimulate the bowel movement, please be artificially intervened under the guidance of the doctor to help the cubs defecate.4. It is recommended to contact relevant professionals before the mother cat delivery to avoid the occurrence of kittens to sting the amniotic fluid, and the shoveling officer has no experience to rescue.

The female cat will drink a lot of water after production, so sufficient and clean drinking water must be prepared.If you find that the kitten can’t grab the milk, you can use a special feeder to feed some pet -dedicated goat milk. After that, you just want to grow up.Is it helpful to you with sincerity?In addition, what else want to see, if you want to say, please leave a message to the editor in the comment area.

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