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[Introduction] Pregnant mothers will definitely disperse the original joy when encountering vaginal bleeding, and they are replaced. In fact, bleeding is not all dangerous signals.Bleeding in the early pregnancy refers to a small amount of blood -based secretions in the vagina within 12 weeks of pregnancy, and the bleeding is pink, red or brown.About half of the early pregnancy bleeding, about half of the people produced smoothly, about 30 % of natural miscarriage, 10 percent of patients are ectopic pregnancy, and very few are problems such as cervical lesions.Specific abortion appears, and quiet care is basic.

"Bleeding!" Her husband ran over quickly, looked at his stomach, looked at the ground, and seemed to be looking for the shadow of blood!I can’t wait to knock on the hammer. If there is so much blood, I can still drip on the floor, can I still be here!Really, but although the amount of bleeding is not large, bleeding during pregnancy is really nervous. Let ’s take a look at what is going on during pregnancy.

In fact, the fetus is in the mother’s belly, from small to large, this process is long.Before the placenta is fully molded, the embryo bed is not as stable as imagined, so various factors will cause miscarriage. If bleeding occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, the first time you need to consider whether a threatened abortion occurs.Because when the abortion occurs, the embryo and the uterine wall will be separated to varying degrees. At this time, if the blood vessels on the separation surface are ruptured, bleeding will cause bleeding.

1. Plant bleeding.

If you are just pregnant, when the fertilized eggs are bed on the women’s uterine wall, there may be mild vaginal bleeding in this 1-2 days, but at this stage, it is difficult to know that it is vaginal bleeding caused by pregnancy.

2. Modern or ectopic pregnancy.

A small amount of bleeding or vaginal bleeding may be a prerequisite for abortion or ectopic pregnancy. It is especially accompanied by abdominal pain or spasm pain.

3. Infection.

A small amount of bleeding in the vagina may also be due to vaginal infection or sexually transmitting infection, which will cause the vagina and cervix to be infected and inflamed. The inflammatory tissue will have a small amount of bleeding after receiving cervical coating, vaginal examination, or sexual life.Phenomenon.

4. Placenta problem or premature birth.

If the pregnant woman is in the second or third trimester of pregnancy, it may be a sign of some more serious situations when they find vaginal bleeding or a small amount of bleeding.Such as the placenta front, premature placental stripping (the placenta stripped from the uterine wall before the fetus was delivered), aborted late (before 13 to 28 weeks of pregnancy), or premature birth (before 28 to 37 weeks of pregnancy).

5. Normal childbirth aura.

In the late pregnancy, it is 37 weeks. At this time, if the vaginal bleeding is found, such as the vaginal bleeding is sticky and with blood, it is usually the situation of redness, and the doctor should be informed.

Most of the bleeding during pregnancy refers to the phenomenon of vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy. This is not an example. Many treasure mothers have encountered it.Let’s take a look at the symptoms of bleeding during pregnancy, and how long the bleeding will stop.

1. Bleeding type

Pay attention to the type of bleeding. If you find that the blood flowing out is brown, then the prospective mothers can not worry too much, because the brown blood indicates that the internal bleeding has stopped, so it will be oxidized into brown.Exercise, if the blood is bright red, pay attention.

2. Pain

Most expectant mothers who suspect that there are early abortion will have back pain and lower abdomen pain like menstruation when they come.Most of the mothers of most ectopic pregnancy will have severe abdominal pain, pale complexion, accelerated heartbeat, and intra -abdominal hemorrhage.

The pregnant mother found that the vagina had blood outflow during pregnancy. At this time, it would be very worried about the health of the fetus, especially in the early pregnancy.However, bleeding in the third trimester of pregnancy cannot be ignored. Let ’s take a look at what to do during pregnancy.

【Early pregnancy bleeding】

1. Abortion: Pregnant mothers should immediately rush to the hospital to continue the B -ultrasound examination according to the personal situation to understand the development of the fetus; if the amount of bleeding is large, it means that the miscarriage is unavoidable.The amount is small, which may be a threatened abortion. Under the guidance of a doctor, conditioning and sufficient rest, the chance of the success of the tire is still very high.

2. Ectopic pregnancy: If there is vaginal bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, and accompanied by abdominal pain, it should be a immediately of the hospital, especially for pregnant mothers who have a history of ectopic pregnancy.Take a careful B -ultrasound in early pregnancy to determine whether to pregnancy in the palace.

[Bleeding in the second trimester]

1. Insufficient cervical function: At this time, the pregnant mother should go to the hospital for examination. If the cervical function is confirmed, it takes 5-10 minutes to perform a cervical ring.It will be more appropriate and the effect is also very good.

2. Portospense: Pregnant mothers go to the hospital for treatment mainly to remove hydatids with uterine dilatation, but everyone should pay attention that vicious changes may occur and evolve into chorionic cancer. Therefore, pregnant mothers must persist in regular observation andexamine.

[Bleeding in the third trimester]

1. Placenta front: Doctors in the hospital generally use ultrasonic examination to diagnose the phenomenon of prefabrication of the placenta.If the fetus has not yet developed, in general, doctors will allow pregnant mothers to stay in the hospital for observation.If you bleed, doctors will focus on the safety of maternal life.

2. Early stripping placenta.After diagnosis of doctors, if the symptoms are mild, a conservative treatment method is generally taken. Pregnant women must rest in bed and observe closely in the hospital.If it is relatively urgent, you must find a way to produce the fetus. If the fetus is alive but the fetal distress occurs, then the cesarean section will be ideal at this time.

1. Cervical erosion.

If the degree of cervical erosion is not serious, it will generally not cause abortion and fetal malformations. If cervical erosion is caused by physiological factors, you do not have to worry about the impact on the fetus, and it will not cause miscarriage or fetal malformations. At the same time, no need to needPerform drugs and physical treatment.Can be treated after delivery.

2. Urban infection.

If the urinary tract is infected, red urine will appear, which is very similar to vaginal bleeding. At this time, pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much. They should distinguish whether this is true hemururia or pseudo -hematuria, because some drugs can also cause the emergence of red urine.To identify this situation, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination and treat them early.

3. Hemorrhoids.

Pay attention to diet conditioning, such as peppercorns, ginger, green onions, garlic and other spicy foods should not be eaten. Secondly, fried foods should also be avoided, and things that are not easy to digest at the same time can avoid causing constipation.The best thing is to increase vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber to help stool and slow down the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.

4. Too much fatigue.

Needless to say, when you are pregnant, you are not alone, but two people or even more, so pregnant mothers must ensure sufficient sleep. Daily living must be regular, ensure that 8-9 hours of sleep time, but not too greedySleep, there is moderate activity, such as doing housework or mild exercise.

Before pregnancy, I heard that many Bao mom had bleeding when she was pregnant. At that time, I didn’t care, but when I was pregnant, I encountered the problem of bleeding.What about it?

Who is prone to bleeding during pregnancy?

For example, after examination, it was found that fetal chromosomal abnormalities, maternal hormone secretion disorders, uterine congenital development abnormalities or acquired defects, immune system problems, virus infections, pregnant women with chronic diseases (such as heart disease, kidney disease and blood diseases), excessive labor, stressExcessive, sexual life is too severe, external impact, environmental pollution, improper medication, smoking, drinking, excessive caffeine intake, or other foods that promote uterine contraction.

If it is not a pathological bleeding during pregnancy, can we usually take measures to prevent bleeding during pregnancy?This part is a must -see for prospective dads and family members!Let ’s take a look at it with you, in order to prevent pregnant mothers bleed during pregnancy, what preventive measures should be taken?

What preventive measures should be taken during pregnancy?

1. Vitamin K -must make up.

If pregnant women lack vitamin K, it is easy to have symptoms of bleeding during pregnancy and increase the abortion rate. Even if the baby survives, it is easy to cause bleeding due to the low coagulant in its body, or make the baby’s intelligence develop slow or delayed or delayed or delayed.There is congenital blindness, and even a dead tire.Therefore, pregnant mothers should eat more foods rich in vitamin K during pregnancy, such as spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, tomato, fish, etc.

2. The diet structure should be reasonable and pay attention to conditioning diet.

The nutrition of pregnant mothers during pregnancy is essential. In addition to opening a special supplement, they should also eat more grain foods such as black rice, red beans, and fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and protein.It is recommended that diet should be light.Make sure you eat some fruits every day, drink or drink without drinking or coffee, eat less or eat foods rich in cholesterol and saturated fatty acids.

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