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Dear unit leaders:

Hello, here I submitted this review of this illegal driving to you with an extremely guilty mood. First of all, I drove after my drinking. Ignoring discipline had a lot of negative impacts.The people expressed deep apologies.Here I solemnly say something: I’m sorry!I have made a serious mistake in my post -drinking behavior.There are many reasons for making mistakes, and I will not tell the facts of all kinds of fate to cover up this fact.Afterwards, I kept reviewing myself and deeply realized the following points:

1) After the driver drinks alcohol, due to the excitement of alcohol, it will be excited. When the alcohol reaches a certain concentration in the body’s blood, the ability to respond to the outside world will decline.decline.The higher the alcohol content in the driver’s blood, the greater the chance of accidents.In recent years, traffic accidents caused by motor vehicle drivers after drinking have risen more than 10,000 every year. Death accidents caused by drunk driving occupy a considerable proportion.The shocking accident was alert at the scene of people, and drunk driving was one of the culprits that triggered a traffic accident.The "Road Traffic Safety Law" stipulates that drinking can not drive motor vehicles.

2) Harm after drinking

(1) Due to the anesthesia effect of alcohol, the touch of hands and feet is reduced than usual, and it is often impossible to control accelerated pedals, brake pedals and steering wheels normally.

(2) The reaction time of light and sound stimulation is prolonged, and the time of instinctual reflection action is extended accordingly. The coordinated and coordinated functional disorders of the sensation organs such as eyes, hands, and feet cannot be correctly determined during driving.

(3) Vision will be temporarily damaged, the video is unstable, and the color disciral ability decreases. You cannot pay attention to traffic signals, signs and marking lines in time.At the same time, the field of vision after drinking is greatly reduced, the video is blurred, the eyes are only staring at the target in front, it is difficult to find the hidden dangers on the edge of the field of vision, and accidents are prone to occur.

(4) Under the stimulus of alcohol, sometimes he estimates himself too high, often ignores the advice of the people around you, and often does something that is unsatisfactory.

(5) It is easy to sleep after drinking, driving vehicles irregular, and poor driving in space vision.

3) Article 91 of the "Road Traffic Safety Law" stipulates:

(1) Those who drive the motor vehicle after drinking will temporarily deduct the motor vehicle driving license for more than one month or less, and impose a fine of more than 500 yuan or less;The restrictions until the wine wake up, the detention and temporary deduction of the motor vehicle driver’s license for more than three months, or less than 500 yuan, and a fine of less than 500 yuan.

(2) Those who drive the operating motor vehicle after drinking will temporarily deduct the motor vehicle driver’s license for three months and be fined 500 yuan; if they are drunk, they will operate motor vehicles, and the traffic management department of the public security organs shall be restricted by the traffic management department of the public security organs.The detention and temporary detention of the motor vehicle driver’s license for six months will be fined 2,000 yuan.

(3) In one year, the first two are stipulated in drunk driving motor vehicles. If they are punished for more than twice, they will revoke the motor vehicle driving license. They must not drive motor vehicles within five years.

In daily life, in the news, there was a traffic accident in the newspaper, and 75%were caused by drunk driving.I couldn’t help but feel scared, and the actual case made me realize the harm of driving after drinking.It hurts the bones and causes the losses of the property.If the family is destroyed, it will cause regrets that cannot be made up.Thinking of my behavior, I feel extremely guilty.Thanks to the timely stopping of the traffic police from the traffic police, many unexpected losses were avoided.

Today, I know my mistakes, and I must remember it in the future. I will never make such a mistake and make a qualified citizen.Hope that the leader can accept my apology and deal with it from wide.

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Review people:

year month day

Dear leaders:


Regarding the behavior of my driving after drinking, I seriously reflected, deeply self -dissected, and felt deeply guilty and uneasiness for my actions.Here, I would like to make a deep review to you, and report the results of my thoughts on the thoughts of the past few days:

Through this incident, I feel that although this is an accidental thing, it is also the inevitable result of the long -term relaxation of myself and paralysis.After a few days of reflection, I remembered and analyzed in detail about my driving experience this time.I feel distressed and regrets and regrets that I personally make a serious mistake.So, here, I made a deep review.

At this moment, I can only have a regretful mood. Due to my personal reasons, I will have a great impact on the company.Thinking of this, I can only regret it in my heart silently in my heart, but when I feel deeply distressed, I am also lucky and feel that I am awakened in time. This is undoubtedly a key in my future life path.Turning.I have now realized from the deep inside that the mistakes I made are huge, and the consequences may lead to others like me. I completely ignore the company’s rules and regulations, freely and disregard.In order to kill a hundred and so that the company’s employees should not be like me. I loyal to the company’s leaders to accept my sincere apology and can supervise me and correct me.I know that it is not enough to make up for my fault anyway, so I do not ask the leader to forgive me. No matter what kind of punishment, I will not have any opinions. At the same timeExpress your awakening, please believe in me.

In the end, I hope that the majority of employees will use me to do the negative materials to check myself and check myself.I hope that in the future work, we can get more wisdom from the leader, get your teachings and help, and ensure that similar mistakes will be in the future. If there are any criminals, please be a heavy penalty.Ask everyone to give me another chance so that I can express my awakening through my own actions, face future driving with a double alert attitude, and will lead by example to prevent driving after alcohol.I!

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Dear wife:


Drunted after drinking, traffic accidents, stones on the ground are okay, and the car is fine.There is a cause, which is also the reason for writing this guarantee:

What is called "Le Ji Sadness", this time may be a small joy, but it is not eliminated, and it may develop into a big tragedy in the future.His wife said that two days ago, she drove a friend after drinking, escaped after hitting, and compensated 1.5 million, but had no money to compensate, facing the disaster of XX prison.Relatively speaking, I am very lucky, but if there is no severe scolding of my wife, maybe I may not know the severity of driving after alcohol now!

Looking back at this matter, it really shouldn’t be.Before going to the bar, I promised my wife to go home a little before, and I had a fluttering. I hadn’t arrived at home at 2 o’clock. I went home at 3 o’clock. As soon as I entered the house, my wife picked up a book and hit me.The discourse was like a tsunami, and it struck me like a tsunami, because it was indeed backing, I reported a flattering attitude and faced with a smile.What makes me most invincible is that my mother ran over and did not chew me to death.

Now I want to come, my wife was pregnant, and I saw my baby ate nails in my mother’s belly two days ago. It was cute, and a kind of happiness came into my heart.In the late return, Mom was worried that she couldn’t sleep well.I do such a thing again, it is not good for my children and my mother, and I must pay attention next time.So I reviewed with my wife here.

If you do n’t go to the bar easily, although you usually go very little, the company ’s gatherings, unless the bosses attend, do n’t go, if you are in trouble, you will never drink if you drive, but try not to go to the bar.If a friend invites each other, you must also report to his wife. The wife nods and goes without nodding, just go, and resolutely go home as required by his wife. It will never be delayed!

I know that my mother is also good for me. You are good to me. I know that maybe the pressure needs to be released, and maybe it ’s a bit fluttering in my current state.In the next five months, An An will support my family.

Wife, you have worked hard, my dad hurts you ~ Xiangha ~

I promise that I will never drive after drinking anymore in the future.

To this


Reviewer: xxx

20xx year xx month xx day

At 20xx X -month X, I did not control my own personality, so I did not consciously drink. After drinking, we went to KTV to sing, and then you called me to send me Liang Liang home.The classmates said that they used his XX to send us home, because I was a good car, and I was a new license, only temporary licenses, so I drove the car on the road and scolded you. This is a serious wine.the behavior of.

After a few days of reflection, thinking of my behavior at the time was really annoyed and regretted.Under the current circumstances, especially during the period of severe cracking down on driving, I turned a blind eye, and it was extremely impossible to know the mistakes.Such behaviors not only do not respect traffic police regulations, but also irresponsible to themselves and their families and their lives, which causes such serious violations of traffic police. It is not strict with their own requirements, insufficient restrictions, and no good planning for life.This not only worried you and your family, but also had a very bad impression on me.During the driving violations of driving, I made such a mistake. It was the traffic police regulations in Chi XX. I did not put the law in the eyes and did not put the child and their lives first.I am willing to bear more severe punishment for my ignorance and completely clean my head.Investigating the key, the key to talking about it is that I have not planned a good plan for life on weekdays. I have no yearning for life, degenerate life, and self -free, which has led to inevitable violations of regulations.The seriousness of traffic police regulations.

My industry is sorry for my family, sorry for everyone who cares about me, and I’m sorry for you. I know very well that I can’t talk about these three words about institutional regulations, but express my sincerity.If you can often ask yourself, do things strictly like colleagues and friends, do things rigorous, are positive for life, strict requirements on yourself, and improve your own standards, you will not make such serious mistakes.

There is no regret medicine in the world. At this point, I have no intention of saying more. Only this lesson is used as a commandment. Fortunately, it does not cause the safety of life and property.Inspection as an opportunity, from now on, improve your own requirements, strengthen self -restraint, strengthen your sense of responsibility, increase the concept of legal consciousness and your own responsibility, strictly abide by various laws and regulations, especially in the future, you must not fight against the traffic police law on the road of driving roads.While respecting the rules and regulations of the traffic police, it is actually a respect for yourself. Only by respecting others can you get the respect of others.

Wine, a word that makes people see, some people are excited when they think of wine, and some people are angry. When they think of those drunk cats, they can’t immediately ask the State Council to include wine into the ranks of the prohibited products.Of course, I have both, and they are the first category when drinking. After being drunk, I firmly support the second category.Because of this, I woke up one night and I had to make a review for the "drunk" I committed "drunk".

1. There is nothing to do before the wine, and it is wrong after drinking.

Society is also evolving in progress. Modern people are becoming smarter and more complicated. There are many shopping malls and political occasions. Once you dissolve, you must step by step, such as thin ice.Invite you for drinking a table, his face blushing his tongue, you shouldn’t say, you should do it.You can’t blame us too honestly. After drinking the truth, we can only show that we are too tender and have not been tested by alcohol (long -term).

2. Before the spirit, the nerves of the wine, the nerves of the wine.

For our newly debuted grasshoppers, no matter how drinking, it is naturally proud, one drink faster than one, and one more fierce than one.As everyone knows, when you treat others, you are rude to it, and it will make you more violent. You are gentle with it, and it also makes you very comfortable, so he calls for the sophisticated guy of the spirit.There are fierce reactions in the bathroom. There are those who call the phone on the side of the road, and there are also some people who drilled directly to the dining table … The wake -up day is basically the same reaction.Sigh again to become the protagonists who laughed after meals with "seniors".

3. The heart is chaotic before the wine, and the heart is chaotic.

Often we will have sufficient excuses before drinking -the heart is chaotic, so find a few friends to order a few bottles of wine, and start pouring the wine in our mouths. When the lights are stubborn, when the figure is similar, we start to vent their hearts to depression in my heart to depressed in my heart.The suffering of being hurt by friends kept theory with friends. If the leaders are injured, they will be scolded without a passage.The comfort that I couldn’t think of, when I didn’t know when I went back to sleep, everyone had been annoyed by themselves. The most bigger thing was that the past was endless and caused N more troubles.

4, injury before wine, kidney injury after alcohol.

To go out for a banquet, as an organizer, you must consider thoughtful. Whether it is the location of the location of the recipes and the safety of life, the safety of life must be included in the arrangement.The meal was messing up, the vegetables didn’t eat much. I had already poured one step first. When I was scattered, I left the wolf, and there was a full -bodied force to be discharged and volatile.Back pain is a common thing. Career things are small, so it affects the quality of the next generation.

In view of the above points, I make a clear guarantee here:

1. Try to keep the banquet, drink as little as possible, and drink as little as possible.

2. After drinking, do not drive, driving firmly without stepping on the oil, stepping on the oil and resolutely ignoring, and the gear is determined not to ignite.

3. Persist in the five basic principles after drunk,

Basically do not call; basically do not stay outside; basically not make a lot of noise; basically do not chat online; basically do not chat.

Dear leaders:


I am XX, and today I ’m here to drink and drive you to drink. Then I also reviewed my illegal behavior. I did n’t pay attention to my personal behavior that would affect the company’s image. Sorry for leadership.

This is the case: I got out of work yesterday afternoon. Because I encountered some troubles in my work, I ran to drink. At that time, I did n’t call someone to accompany me. I went to drink it myself., But later I did n’t know what the alcoholic addiction, so I drank a few more cups in the restaurant. Although I was not drunk, I also drank a lot of wine. At that time, it was very late. I opened it myself again.The car, probably, came up with the alcohol in the back, and forgot that drinking could not drive, so I drove home by myself.During my journey home, I just had a intersection to check drunk driving, but I didn’t pay attention at the time, so I drove it directly. This time I found that I was driving and driving. At the same time, the concentration of alcohol was exceeded the standard.If it was detained at the police office and was fined.I was released until this morning, because I woke up.In this way, you also know how I drove and drove.

I know you must be very angry. After all, as a member of our company, the behavior of employees also indirectly affects the company’s image. I caused such a bad image, which is tantamount to discrediting the company.Employees bring a bad demonstration behavior.I do this particularly wrong, because I usually do n’t pay attention to the control of my behavior, and at the same time do n’t pay enough attention to the traffic rules. Therefore, I knew it was a violation of the rules yesterday, and I forgot because of drinking.Drunk driving must be strictly investigated in the society, because drunk driving will cause traffic accidents, which will endanger the lives of others. Not only will it hurt her, but it will also hurt yourself. If you are really drunk, when you drive, youWithout control, all kinds of possible things will happen. What a serious violation of regulations and laws.

I just was detained for educating and fines or because I had a good attitude because I admitted my mistakes, otherwise I would be more serious. I also thought about a series of consequences at the police office. Now I arrived in the company to apologize to the leader.And to ensure that I will not drink and drive vehicles in the future, I will also persuade others not to drink and drive, because this is indeed a thing that threatens social security. Once an accident is caused by drunk driving, this is a big deal.The price, and the price may not be able to bear it yourself, so please forgive me here, and I hope that you can see that the punishment of me in the lesson that I have been taught is light.

To this


Reviewer: XX

20xx year xx month xx day

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