Drinking Cola affects semen quality?These high -risk factors are far more "killing" than carbonated drinks

Recently, topics such as "decline in male semen quality" and "passing the volunteer volunteers less than 20%" and other topics have been hotly debated.In the understanding of ordinary people, the saying of drinking a certain beverage "killing essence" is widely circulated. Through the study and sorting of male experts, there are many factors in life, such as smoking and drinking, lack of sleep, lack of sleep, lack of sleep, lack of sleepWait, its impact on "small tadpoles" is much huge.

Zhang Xinzong, Zhu Zhiyong and other experts of the Director of the Guangdong Reproductive Hospital of Guangdong Province said that there are five major factors that are currently known about the quality of male semen.They are smoking, drinking, high -fat diet, high temperature environment, reproductive infection and lack of sleep.

Smoking and drinking will greatly affect sperm survival rate and quality

Judging from the incidence of male reproductive diseases, smoking men are twice as much as non -smokers.The cause of male reproductive diseases is that nicotine and other harmful substances in cigarettes cause insufficient arterial blood flow.

Smoking mainly affects the vitality of sperm and then affects the quality of semen and reduces the number of sperm.The increase in daily smoking counters will increase the proportion of natural miscarriage.Studies have shown that 20 smoking daily, sperm survival is only 50%, and there are multiple deformities in sperm, and the longer the smoking time (year), the higher the proportion of embryos.

Studies have found that alcoholism mainly affects the generation of sperm and the form of sperm.Alcohol affects the quality of sperm, which directly affects the part of the alcohol effect in the testicles, causing disorders in the process of generating sperm, which causes the quality of sperm to decrease, and even cause sperm deformed.The level of sperm leads to a significant decrease in the number of sperm and weakens mobility, which will also affect the slurry and lead to a decrease in the quality of the slurry.

For patients who drink alcohol, it is recommended to start preparing for pregnancy after 3 months, because the sperm production is about 76 days, and during this period, alcohol has always had an impact on sperm.

High -fat diet can reduce the reaction of the "small tadping" top body

The intake of fat is closely related to hyperlipidemia and obesity.In human research, male sex hormone disorders after high -fat diet, the concentration, quantity, and vitality of sperm have decreased. The protein expression spectrum of testosteria tissue is also affected. Obesity is an important factor in reducing male fertility.(BMI ≥ 25kg/m2) It has a negative impact on sperm concentration and sperm vitality.

Compared with normal BMI men, overweight or obese men not only decreased the sperm top reaction, but also increased the DFI index when it exceeded the DNA repair ability of ovarian mother cells and embryos, which would lead to an increase in embryos DNA fragment and blocking egg cracks.Reduce blastocyst formation rates and bed rates, while obesity and overweight patients have decreased after weight loss, and the total number of sperm sperm has increased.Obesity may be a mediated factor for testicular apoptosis, and testicular apoptosis seems to be one of the causes of male infertility.

High -fat diet is not only related to metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc., but also can directly or indirectly cause male reproductive diseases, psychological diseases, etc. through multiple aspects, multi -channel, and indirectly.The ending, thus endanger the reproductive health of male childbearing age.

Diet is closely related to the health of reproductive health.Therefore, men should avoid high -fat diet, and choosing the right food and diet model is the "shortcut" of improving men’s reproductive health.

High -temperature environments such as sauna, pots, etc. affect male fertility

High temperature will cause changes in the micro -environment, metabolism and biochemistry in the testicles, such as increased oxygen consumption and changes in enzyme activity, etc., which can eventually lead to damage to spermatoic epithelium, spermatogenic cells, increased epitheter apoptosis, etc.Become the cause of reproductive disorders.

After the high temperature effect, the hot shock protein in the cell and the large number of active oxygen will induce cell damage and apoptosis; the increase in CA2+concentration in the cells causes a series of damage to the cell;Changes in micro -environment, etc., will induce the occurrence of local reproductive disorders.

In thermal regulation, the temperature of the scrotum is the key, because the scrotum can help maintain the physiological temperature range when the testicular sperm occurs.

Sperm production at 35.6 ℃ ~ 36.0 ℃ is the healthiest.Studies have found that the cross -sitting position of the legs will increase the temperature of the scrotum, and it will continue to affect the scrotum temperature after changing the posture.For example: drivers and other sedentary occupations will increase the temperature of scrotum and bilateral testicles and affect the quality of semen, and the degree of influence is positively related to the length of driving.Sitting positions are necessary in people’s work and life. Men should try to avoid cross -sitting sitting positions in daily life, and stand for a period of time after maintaining a period of time to reduce the temperature of the scrotum.Men wearing quadrilateral loose shorts at constant temperature is about 0.5 ° C.Similarly, the scrotum temperature is higher than that of loose pants when wearing tight pants.

Men often use very hot water shower, or steamed sauna for a long time, which will reduce sperm due to heat heating, and even die.Therefore, young people should wash the sauna with caution, and the temperature of the bath should usually be around 34 ° C.

High -temperature environments may cause the quality of men’s semen to reduce the quality of men, and formulating prevention and protection measures is very necessary for strengthening male reproductive health care.

Don’t pay attention to personal hygiene and infection, which can seriously cause infertility

Men do not pay attention to their personal hygiene can also lead to reproductive diseases, especially the elderly foreskin, because the foreskin is easy to hide dirt.If you do not pay attention to hygiene, you will breed bacteria, infected with lesions, causing male diseases such as glans, urinary tract infections, prostatitis, epididymia, etc., which will affect the life of husband and wife and even cause infertility.

The urogenital tract infection will reduce the quality of semen to a certain extent. The amount of semen, sperm activity, and normal morphological percentage of chronic prostatitis patients are significantly lower than the normal fertility person, but the sperm concentration has not decreased significantly.

In addition, the impact of common sexually transmitted diseases on semen cannot be ignored. For example, mycoplasma and chlamydia infection will reduce the quality of semen. The sperm vitality of HIV infection and syphilis spiral infection will be reduced and the deformed rate of sperm will increase.

The lack of sleep is not only not spiritual, but also lacks motivation

Excessive sleep will have to varying degrees of impact on the human body. For example, too little sleep will increase the chance of obesity and diabetes, increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, and adversely affect memory.Sleep deprivation will cause damage to a series of neurological functions such as anxiety.

Studies have shown that the lack of sleep time can cause a significant decrease in sperm concentration, vitality, front -directional movement rate, and sperm movement.Sleep lack of mechanisms on semen may have insufficient sleep on semen. The spirit is in a state of excitement that affects the secretion of sex hormones, causing reproductive hormone level disorders, and eventually leads to decline in sperm quality.Therefore, lack of sleep may also be one of the reasons for the reduction of male fertility.

Sleep deficiency is a bad living habit, which can have adverse effects on men’s reproductive health, which is a possible factor that causes male infertility.Therefore, we should advocate a healthy lifestyle, avoid staying up late, and ensure sufficient sleep time.

Experts said that the living environment and lifestyle of modern human beings have undergone major changes, and the rules of normal biological activities of the human body have also been disturbed and destroyed.Endocrine, reproductive glands, and reproductive tract damage will affect fertility.

For the health of men, we must maintain a healthy lifestyle in life, minimize smoking and drinking, balanced diet, avoid testicular for a long time at high temperature environment, pay attention to personal hygiene, ensure adequate sleep, and protect male reproductive health.

Writing: Nandu reporter Wang Daobin Correspondent Zhu Zhiyong Zhang Jian Cai Jiaqi

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