Drink and drink bad bones!Uncle Fuzhou steps out of the "scissors"

Drink and hurt the liver, many people know,

But do you know that drinking is still hurt?

Mr. Lei, Fuzhou, especially likes to drink. Every day, "Thunder can’t move" to drink nearly 2 pounds of red wine.Seven or eight years ago, he began to feel his leg pain, and he gradually became stiff and strange. He looked like a walking scissors, which made him unable to go out at all, let alone work normally.

He carried the trees when he was young, but the doctor told him that wine was the culprit.

Dean Li Zhiwen introduced the development process of Lao Lei’s disease


The nurse was surprised after the treatment

"It’s like a person"

"Is it him? Oh, I can’t recognize it at all." On May 29th, it was the day when the 56 -year -old Lao Leiyu returned to Fuzhou Sino -German Orthopedic Hospital for review.A nurse who had taken care of Lao Lei passed out of the ward and exclaimed: "It’s like changing someone."

Comparison before and after the old Lei surgery

Looking at it from the appearance, the old Lei at this time is indeed no different from normal people, but just walking up, there is still a little unnatural, but it is difficult to have the disabled people who moved "scissors" in the video two months ago.hook up.

Comparison before and after the old Lei surgery

The video was taken before the treatment, and it can be seen from it that the old Lei was very weird at that time, and the knees could not be opened together. They could only move in front of the right leg and knees and calves.stiff.

"I used to drive me to the hospital by someone else. Today I took a two -hour car alone." Lao Lei was very happy.He said that he would like to thank the doctors and nurses for their help. His legs can return to normal, and there are new hope in the second half of his life.


Bone head necrotic disability

Two operations "restart" life

Lao Lei came from the mountainous area of Fuzhou. When he was in his 40s, he lived with manpower and carried a living for five or six years.

"A tree has an average of more than 100 pounds, and it must be carried back and forth a day, at least 500 yuan a year. Later, I found that it hurts here after carrying the tree home." Lao Lei pointed at the left hip position and fell into memories. "First, the left side is on the left side.It hurts, one year later, the right side also hurts, and it has begun to affect walking. The tree can no longer carry it anymore. "

In the past seven or eight years, Lao Lei found that his legs became "distorted", and he walked from limitation to his legs to be completely unable to open.He had a consultation, and was told that he might be necrosis of bilateral femoral heads.I heard that the operation was more complicated, and the family’s financial difficulties, he chose and spent his luck.He couldn’t walk normally, and he could only do anything. He could only apply for the disabled card, led the low insurance … and started the life of the disabled.

Lao Lei originally thought that he would be as a disabled person, so he would have finished his life like this.At the end of last year, his body and gait were getting worse and worse. Under the persuasion of relatives and friends, Lao Lei came to Fuzhou Sino -German Orthopedic Hospital.After repeated exchanges with doctors, he finally took up the courage to treat the disease.

"At the time of the consultation, we were also startled. Lao Lei’s bilateral femoral head necrosis was the fourth stage, which is the later stage." Li Zhiwen said that femoral head necrosis is a common disease in the orthopedics, but it looks like Lao Lei.This is not rare.His femoral head collapsed completely disappeared, accompanied by osteoarthritis, and only the "roll" of the femoral neck in the hip nest, a series of changes that caused spasigo to occur.

"If it is the first and second phases, there is still a possibility of reversal through conservative treatment. The third phase can still be struggling to watch whether it is not surgery, and there is only one way in the fourth phase -surgery."A bilateral hip hip replacement surgical plan was formulated.

Dean Li Zhiwen reviewed the old Lei for Lao Lei

In late February this year, the operation was divided into two games.

"After the incision was opened, we saw that the joints of Lao Lei were" messy ‘, the femoral head collapsed, deformation, ligament contracture, bone hyperplasia … "Dr. Zhu Zizhong who participated in the knife said, because he has made sufficient preoperative evaluation and preparationsLao Lei’s two operations were very smooth, and each surgery only took about an hour and a half.On the third day after the operation, Lao Lei could get out of bed and walk. Looking at his straight legs, he was shocked and happy.


The disaster of alcoholicism

Middle -aged men with femoral head necrosis

After more than two months of recovery, Lao Lei is basically not even needed, walking freely.On the day of the review, he went away for a long time.

After the operation, the old Lei walked like a normal person

"Request well, you must continue to exercise after returning home." After the inspection, Li Zhiwen also taught Lao Lei’s actions of rehabilitation training to remind him to overcome the fear of pain, bold exercise, increase muscle strength, soAfter half a year, I hope to walk like a normal person and regain a certain amount of labor.

"Also, don’t drink anymore." Dr. Zhu Zizhong also added reminders.It turned out that the cause of Lao Lei’s disease was actually not related to carrying the burden.

"After careful inquiry and history, we combined with imaging examination reports to judge that he was necrotic for alcoholic femoral head head, and the main cause was long -term drinking." Li Zhiwen said that the cause of femoral head necrosis is usually with patients with long -term drinking and large doses of large doses of use.Hormone drugs, femoral neck fractures, and hip dislocation and other factors.Lao Lei just had a habit of drinking. He had to drink every day before, and he was relatively large.

Li Zhiwen reminded that femoral head necrosis often occurs in middle -aged men, which can be disabled, and in recent years, it has become more and more younger. There are also many of the patients who have been admitted to the hospital.

"There is no particularly good way to prevent femoral head necrosis. What everyone can do is to maintain good living habits, quit smoking and alcohol. At the same time, if the hip joint is not comfortable, or long -term pain cannot be relieved, clamoring, etc. must be used to go to the hospital, you must go to the hospital, Taking a film, making a CT, or MRI, you can accurately diagnose. "Li Zhiwen said.

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Source: Fuzhou Evening News

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