Dreams may reflect the health of the viscera!The Yellow Emperor’s Canon has long been listed one by one

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Wang Qinghai, a famous Chinese medicine practitioner in Guangdong Province and the director of the Second Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Guangdong Province

Sleeping at night always dreams, dreaming that it is unrelated to yourself, which seriously affects sleep quality.The next day, I always felt dull, which caused low work efficiency and miserable.

You may not know that some dreams may reflect the health of the viscera.

The five internal organs can cause a lot of dreams, the most important thing is the heart and the liver

As the saying goes, there is something in the sun and dreaming at night.Normal people occasionally dream when sleeping. As long as it does not affect work and life, it is normal physiological phenomenon.

Wang Qinghai, director of the Cardiovascular Department of Cardiovascular, Famous Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guangdong Province, Wang Qinghai, chief of the Department of Cardiovascular Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said on May 13th in the public account of "Guangdong Traditional Chinese Medicine" that clinically believed that many dreams refer to poor sleep and divergent dreams in sleep.There are even various dreams such as fear, killing, fire, wading, and dizziness, and the next day, dizziness and tiredness have symptoms. This is a pathological phenomenon.①

Dreaming is the same as insomnia. It is the manifestation of the internal qi and blood, yin, yin and yang, which leads to a manifestation of disturbances.

The five internal organs can cause dreams, but the most important thing is heart and liver.Because the main blood of the heart, the blood of the liver, and the blood are the basis of human spiritual activity, and it is also the hidden place of God and soul.①

Different dreams reflect the health of the viscera

Different dreams also have certain significance to judge the cause and the viscera.According to Wang Qinghai, the "Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon" has a chapter that specializes in discussing many dreams.

"Lingshu · Evil and Evil · Dreams":

When the yin is strong, the dream is involved in the water and fear;

When the yang is strong, the dream is so high;

When the yin and yang are flourishing, the dreams are killed.

Shangsheng Dream Flying, Xiansheng dreams;

If you are hungry, you dream, and you are full of dreams.

If the liver is strong, the dream is angry,

If the lungs are strong, the dream is fear, cry, and fly;

If you are full of heart, you will dream of laughing and fear;

If you have a strong temper, you will dream and do not hold your body;

When the kidney is strong, the dreamer of the lumbar spine is not the same.

Those who are the twelve flourishes have been stood up.

Jue Qi (evil qi) in the heart, then dream of Qiu Shan fireworks;

If the guest is in the lungs, the dream is flying, see the strange thing of the golden iron;

If you are in the liver, the dreams of the mountain forest;

When the guest is in the spleen, he dreamed of the hills, and the bad house was stormy;

If you are in the kidney, you dream of Linyuan, and there is no living in the water;

In the bladder, the dream marches;

If you are in the stomach, you dream of diet …

All those who are not enough will make up for it.

Dr. Wang Qinghai said that the general principle of treating many dreams in Chinese medicine is "to go to the end and make up for the shortcomings."

● The heart fire is strong, but the heart fires;

● Liver depression Huahuo is sparse liver and Qi diarrhea;

● Phlegm heat is to clear heat and reduce sputum;

● Deficiency syndrome is mainly to nourish the spleen of the heart, regulate blood and nourish blood.

By replenishing the false and reality, adjusting the balance of yin and yang, the mind and soul are peaceful, and the dream naturally reduces or disappears.①

Dream of insomnia, try the following methods

1. Comb on your fingers

After a busy day, head massage, combing your hair, and relaxing your emotions before going to bed.Use your fingers to combine your hair before going to bed to facilitate the smooth blood veins, relax your nerves, eliminate brain fatigue, and help sleep.

2. Soak hot water feet

You need to pay attention to:

First, water should be drowned for knee;

The second is that the water temperature should be hot enough, and the tolerance should be suitable;

The third is to massage ten toes;

The fourth is to soak the body slightly.

In addition, you can add a small handle of salt and 8-10 pepper to the water to promote sleep.

3. Psychological guidance

Correct understanding of many dreams, eliminating psychological burdens, relaxing mood, maintaining an optimistic attitude of life, and happy mood.Let go of some things you can’t do or unpleasant, and strive to achieve "quietness", and the heart is quiet.

4. Diet conditioning

It is advisable to eat light and fresh vegetables and fruits; you can choose foods with peace and peace of mind, such as Xiaomi, lily, lotus seeds, longan, jujube kernels, etc., boiled water or porridge.Dinner should be eaten before 7 pm (or at least 3 hours before bedtime); you must not eat too much.

Recommended dietary therapy: Ganmai jujube nourish heart porridge

● Material: 100 grams of wheat, 30 grams of red millet, 10 grams of licorice, 30 grams of lotus seeds, several jujube.

pot.You can eat a little salt or brown sugar according to your personal taste.

Ganmai Jujube Soup is the sutra of Zhang Zhongjing Zhang Zhongjing’s "Jin Kuang Summary", and has the skills of nourishing the mind and soothe.Adding red millet and lotus seeds can also nourish the heart and sorrow, and have the functions of strengthening the spleen.

5. Correction of bad habits

Drink less coffee, smoke less, do not drink, do not eat, adjust your sleep time, and pay attention to sleeping positions.

6. Massage Shenmen Point

Shenmen acupoint is located on the wrist, and the side of the side of the side of the wrist is depressed.Shenmen acupoint is the gateway to and out of the heart. It can adjust the heart and blood and blood to nourish the mind.Gently rubbing with your thumb’s fingertips can achieve the effect of calming and peace.

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