Dreaming of these six kinds of horror is to indicate that you want to make a fortune

I don’t know if everyone has a dream every night, and it seems to have another life every night.From the perspective of feng shui numerology, some dreams and reality can help causality.Today, I introduce to these six things to indicate that wealth will be foreshadowed

1. Dreaming of dirty

Dreaming of yellow feces is a symbol of wealth and richness.Dreaming that there are feces or stools on your body, your fortune comes, and he will think that everything goes smoothly. Dreaming that clothes are sticking to the feces, the support of money is rising, and you can look forward to a new income.Perhaps in addition to the income of pocket money, there is also a part -time account.The dream of a stool in the toilet is that you will get unexpected wealth, not to get wealth through hard work.Dreaming of dung stool to soil is a rare good dream. Dreaming of stool stain your body, suggesting that you will get a lot of wealth.If you are an entrepreneur or business, you will be smooth and bring you money.

2. Dreaming of coffin

It symbolizes the fear of the other party’s death, but it also has the meaning of rebirth. It symbolizes the end of the past life. It is about to start a new life, abandon the original bad habits, and enter a new stage in spirit.Dreaming of opening the coffin to get rich, and may get rich overnight

3. Dreaming of flood

Dreaming of flooding.It is foreshadowed to make a fortune.

4. Dreaming of the fire

Dreaming of a fire is a good thing, indicating that the fortune is strong and the status is rising. For young people, you also said that you are full of hope, confidence and love for life career.Dreaming of fire piles indicates that the fortune has been strong recently.Dreaming of the flames, we must have fortune, dream of a fire at home, and make a fortune.Dreaming of fire is also a precursor to getting rich.

5. Dreaming of blood

Dreaming of drinking blood is a sign of getting rich, and dreaming of bleeding into the river foreshadowed to make a fortune.

6. Dreaming of the dragon and snake will get rich when you enter the bathroom at home

There are many dreams that can make people prosperous.Zhou Gong wrote that he dreamed of wealth when he dreamed of the owner of the fish swimming in the water, and the turtle and snakes were wealthy to the master.In Zhou Gong’s dream, he wrote that the rivers increased the water and made a lot of wealth.

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