Dreaming of the loved ones who died, is it good or bad?After reading these 3 points, you understand

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Li Yu has a poem:

How much hate, in the dream soul last night.It also looks like the old time to travel to Shangyuan, and the car is like a flowing water and a dragon.Huayue is in the spring breeze.

His dream is full of sadness, and real life and dreams are just the opposite.

In fact, dreams, often, people can’t do it, people can’t reach, but they have something to expect in their hearts.

For example, dreaming of the dead relatives is not ominous, nor is it unfavorable, and there are not so many bad claims.Generally, we dream of the dead relatives often because of these three situations.


Reality is unsatisfactory, remember the past

When relatives are there, some people hurt, some people love, and their loved ones are gone?

How many people have left their loved ones, and this world has never hurt us.

Sometimes, we have touched the wall in life, and we have no one to share; there are difficulties in our hearts, and we have no one to share it.

There is no more, I always hope that you are hello, and the one who has always been thinking about you is by our side.


Life is good, my loved ones are gone

Our life is suffering, but the father’s life, why not bitter?

When we live well, a good life is here, but the relatives of our lives for a lifetime are not around us.

A loved ones are gone. There will be some regrets in our hearts. They live so hard, and they don’t even enjoy a trace of sweetness. In this way, we leave completely.

People, we always think about making more money, saving more money, so that parents live a good life, so that they can enjoy a better life.

But sometimes we really ignore it. Parents may not be able to wait until you are out of place!

In our unknowingly busy busyness, our parents did not know how to grow old.

Filial piety, can’t wait, otherwise, really missed, regret, you can only use dreams to make up!


Pure thoughts, too much in my heart

In fact, such a dream has no special meaning, and nothing needs to be alert.

It’s just that we are purely thinking, think about it every day, dream of dreamed at night, miss our loved ones, just thought about it during the day, and dreamed at night. In fact, it is a completeness.

Some people say that there are three deaths in this world. The first time is the physical death, and the world is closed and leaves the world.

The second time was the funeral for our loved ones, and the whole territory was thoroughly farewell to the world.

The third is this world. No one thinks of him and no one recalls him.

In fact, as long as loved ones live in our hearts, he is still alive.Sometimes I miss them. In the past, when we appeared in front of our eyes, we had a sense of security.

Therefore, missing the extreme is dream, dreams are a comfort.I hope that each of us knows how to cherish life and everyone around us!Don’t wait until you lose, it’s too sorry!

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