Dreaming of a snake when I was pregnant, but my daughter had a baby’s dream.

The baby dream is not allowed?Dreaming of what heralds a boy?Dreaming of what heralds a girl?Today, we do n’t say whether the baby dream is accurate, whether the fetal dream is scientific, and there is a reason for everything.Today, the pregnant mother came with the tea time together, talked about the dream of the fetus, let the curiosity swell, and see which baby dreams can suggest the baby’s gender with kangaroos.

When I was pregnant, I dreamed of a flying snake, shuttled between the white clouds, and it would climb to the tree again.As soon as I was scared, I ran away.When I woke up, I immediately went to Zhou Gong to interpret dreams to see if there was any bad sign.As a result, the N explanation given to me is that it indicates that there is a son.The first time my reaction was: I still want to wear skirts for my daughter as a princess. Isn’t this princess dream broken?Haha, after her birth in October, she dreamed and gave birth to her daughter!However, my girlfriend had a dream of a dream, and she dreamed of a snake, and finally gave birth to a fat boy. It seems that the same fetal dream is a different result.So, how much is the 53 fetal dreams you heard in life?Anyway, I was bored, and I took a look at the tea after a meal.

[Impressing the baby’s baby’s dream]

About the dream of animals

1. Dreaming of the dream of python or big snake entangled the body is a sign of the son.

2. Dreaming of cattle means that you will have a particularly filial son in the future.

3. Dreaming of pigs, implying wealth and blessing, black pigs suggest having a son, and white pigs suggest having a daughter.

4. Dreaming of turtles means that the sons born in the future will have great power.

5. Dreaming of a scene of riding a tiger on a mountain or a tiger who came to be bitten and bleeding, it will be expensive.

6. Dreaming that the rooster is a sign of a son.

7. Dreaming of being expelled by the driver by the wild boar indicates that the son born in the future will be famous.

8. The dream of a wild horse running in the field is a sign of the future son.

9. Dreaming of flying fairy cranes in the sky will give birth to noble and empty son.

10. Dreaming of the faucet, heralding the birth of the son not only looks good, but will also achieve a great cause in the future.

11. Dreaming of being driven by the driver of the wild boar means that he will be born to become a leader among people in the future.

12. Dreaming of scalpels with horn basically imply a son.

13. The dream of riding a dark horse on the wilderness hints to have a son.

Tire dream about plant melon fruit

14. Dreaming of mature rice ears or autumn harvest scenes imply that the birth of the son can lead everyone in the future.

15. Dreaming of the growth of fruit trees in the fence of the house, indicating that it is about to give birth to a noble son.

16. If you dreamed of bamboo, it means that the birth of a son will become a power in the future.

17. Dreaming of chrysanthemum, implied to have a son.

18. Eating melon or getting melon will have a son.

19. Dreaming of fresh fruits full of flesh, especially the number of fruits is strange, the chance of having a son is very high.

Tire dream about celestial bodies

20. Holding the dream of the sun or swallowing the sun, the noble son will make the world or reputation in the future.

21. Dreaming of dizziness, solar eclipse or the sun swallow the moon, you will have a son.

22. Dreaming of meteors implies that there will be a son with artistic talents.

23. Dreaming of the stars in your arms means that the son who has given birth will be famous in the future.

24. Dreaming of the scene of heavy snow is the signs of a strong and healthy son.

Dream about nature

25. The dream of touching the soil or lying on the soil is a good dream of giving birth to Guizi.

26. Picking beautiful riverbags will be a good dream of the son in the future.

27. If you see the turbulent scene of the blue sea in the dream, it is a sign of the son.

28. Dreaming of the scene of heavy snow is the signs of a strong and healthy son.

[Impressing the baby’s dream of giving birth to a girl]

About the dream of animals

29. Dreaming of a carp means that he will have a superb, beautiful, and wise daughter in the future.

30. Dreaming of Ao Shrimp, the possibility of having a daughter is very high.

31. Dreaming of eggs, the chance of having a daughter in the future is high.

32. Dreaming of a butterfly or butterfly danced, indicating that she had a daughter.

33. Dreaming of pigeons, you will have a daughter in the future.

34. 暗 hints that she will have a beautiful daughter.

35. Dreaming of sparrows entering the house or falling into the embrace, most of the hints of giving birth to ordinary daughters

36. Dreaming of the dragon tail or touching the dragon tail is the sign of giving birth to a beautiful daughter.

37. Holding the dream of the dragon body is the sign of giving birth to a beautiful daughter and a great dream of a very auspiciousness.

38. Tiger enters the house or tiger hugs his dream, saying that he will have a smart daughter in the future.

39. Dreaming of a cow or a docile cow hint to have a daughter.

40. The dream of running on a white horse implies that she wants to have a daughter.

41. After dreaming that the calf followed, it indicated that she would have a clever daughter.

Tire dream about plant melon fruit

42. Strawberry implies a daughter.

43. Apple implies a beautiful daughter.

44. Tomato hints to have a daughter.

45. Accept the dream of flowers, suggesting that there is a beautiful daughter.

46. Get cherry in dreams is a sign of a beautiful daughter in the future.

47. Dreaming of touching the willow tree will have a daughter.

48. Dreaming of plum blossoms or flowers blooming or standing in the flowers, implying that she will have a beautiful and cute daughter.

Tire dream about celestial bodies

49. The moon enters his arms and means that he is going to have a daughter.

50. Dreaming of a big and round moon indicates that there will be a versatile daughter in the future.

51. Dreaming of Shuangcai Xia, implying that in the future, she has a daughter with a double -looking and blessed daughter.

52. Generally speaking, the moon implies her daughter.

53. Dreaming of the sun, but a touch of the moon, indicating that she wants to have a daughter.

Tire dream about nature

54. Dreaming of praying at the sea imply that you want to have a daughter.

55. Dreaming that the waters, rivers, reservoirs, or the sea, hinting that the daughter was produced.

56. Dreaming of the vast field or flat ground implies that you want to have a daughter.

57. Dreaming of Shuangcai Xia, implies that in the future, there is a daughter who has a double -looking and blessed daughter in the future.

Zhou Gong’s dream interpretation has different explanations to the dream of fetal dreams, but what is the relationship between the birth dream?Dreams are both a physiological phenomenon and a psychological phenomenon. What kind of dreams are related to the desire, emotional state, and irritating events of the dreamer.The gender of the fetus is not determined by the desire of the parents. More often, the fetal dream is the continuation of a mothers or family in a sleep state, or a certain wish to achieve.

The baby dream is the pregnant woman, her husband, grandparents, family relatives, or neighbors who will only know about the future.

The baby dream is made naturally.But it is a bit different from ordinary dreams, so it can be clearly distinguished.I remember it very clearly after the fetal dream is done.The characteristic is that after a few years or decades, it seems that I have just been dreaming that I have just made a dream.

This is the so -called "dream interpretation" of the situation or objects in dreams or objects in dreams.The expert’s opinion is: "The symbolic meaning of all symbols, or the explanation of the possibility, must first confirm the image of the dream itself, and the response of the dreamer to the image, and then check the explanatory life when the dreamer lives.Related. "It turns out that it is not simply what dreams must be, and you must refer to the life of pregnant women with reference to the life of pregnant women, so interpretation of dreams needs to penetrate the dreams and dreams, otherwise it must be not allowed.

Regardless of the prediction of having boys and women, as long as the child is healthy, it is enough.

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